You are my love is the 7th track in the OST, Future Soundscape 1.

Music, arrangemets and lyrics by: Yuki Kajiura

Vocals by: Eri Itou


You Are My Love(English)02:35

You Are My Love(English)


English LyricsEdit

Kiss me sweet
I'm sleeping in silence
all alone
in ice and snow

In my dream
I'm calling your name
you are my love

In your eyes
I search for my memory
lost in vain
so far in the scenery
hold me tight,
and swear again and again
We'll never be apart

If you could touch my feathers softly
I'll give you my love
We set sail in the darkness of the night
out to the sea
to find me there
to find you there
Love me now
if you dare...

Kiss me sweet
I'm sleeping in sorrow
all alone
to see you tomorrow

In my dream
I'm calling your name
You are my love...
My love...

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