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Who to ask

A canditate willing to apply should ask any admin that is listed Here. Check to make sure that that person has been on lately by checking out the Latest Activity. If they have not been active lately then don't ask them and find someone who has been active instead.

What to ask

You should first be asking for Sysop. This gives you the right to change most pages and move unlimited amounts of pages without getting hit with the spam filter.

Where to ask

You should ask for Adminship in the talk of this page. To get there click the "Discussion" tab in the top right corner of this page.

When it is okay to ask

There are a few times when it is okay to ask.

  1. Ask when people are usually online. (Between 3-9)
  2. When you believe that you have contributed a sufficient amount to the site.
  3. When you have been approached by an admin and told that you should attempt to ask for adminship.

Why you think you should be an admin

This is a bit self explanatory. Just tell us why you think that we should give you the admin tools.

What you should consider before asking

As an admin, you will have many responsibilities. If you are not willing to do the following, it's better to remain a normal contributor:

  • Helping the mainspace and stub pages, expanding them, cleaning them up and expanding them
  • Organizing the wiki.
  • Adding and uploading new images.
  • Attracting and recruiting new contributors
  • Taking care of spam and inappropriate content