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TRCwiki is a multimedia project on which this entire wiki, and more. The project was initiated by Mattzere, founder of this wiki and admin.

The Project includes:

  • TRCwiki - online encyclopedia.


"The power to cross dimensions and time..."

The TRCwiki started 2 years ago in 2008. This is a website all-dedicated to CLAMP's Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle series. Our site is deeply linked to Holicwiki, our sister wiki.

To any of you who don't know yet, the Tsubasa plot comes out like this:

"The story begins with Syaoran, a young man who has been excavating the ruins of the Kingdom of Clow for years. He meets his first real friend, Sakura, who was the Princess of Clow. As time went by, they fell in love with each other, although their backgrounds and lineage differed. But Sakura holds a power capable of changing everything.

The day that Sakura decides to finally confess her love to Syaoran, a symbol embedded into Clow's ruins initiates a strange flow of events that endangers Sakura's life, leaving her without memory. Now, Syaoran must travel through worlds to retrieve her memories with his traveling companions, Kurogane and Fay, who share his wish. Along comes Mokona, a creature capable of traveling dimensions."

The mission

Our goal is to make this site the number one fansite when it comes to TRC. We all know that this is hard to do, and all admins have tried hard all this time, with love and dedication, to make this goal come true. We've searched all through the web, finding allies in this quest, and for that we are deeply grateful.

...But, we still need help. Yes, we can't do it all! We (the staff) are not perfect. We have as much flaws as anyone else. For that we ask you (the readers) to become involved and try out editing our pages. Once you've started, you'll see it isn't that hard to do. And always remember that we (Staff) Are Here to Help You.

Currently, we have 200+ pages. Our main goal is to reach the 300 for now, and remove all stub-pages (by removing we mean Re-writing, not removing the pages)

So, people, tell all your friends about us! If you love this site and its info, please promote our site!

The Staff

Here goes a list of our beloved staff, the people who made all this possible.

  • Mattzere: The founder, also admin, bureaucrat. (On hiatus)
  • Caridee: The Number Two Admin, Bureaucrat - Webmistress
  • Prisi: Number three admin. Almost always here
  • Divinecross: Number four admin. Awarded for helping with templates and cleaning up pages
  • ShadowRyu Kei: Number five admin. Awarded for expanding articles

If you have any questions please leave it in our talk pages, we will be glad to help!

And if you want to apply for a place in the staff, you can also leave it there, or use our Forum.

Few words on policies:

For all you guys know, the current administration has new policies.

Just to make it short here, Do Not Spam.

For more info, visit the proper policies page.

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