• That the title of the series foreshadowed events in the series. That Tsubasa referred to the collecting of feathers and Reservoir referred to the underground reservoir in Clow Country where everything began.
  • This anime features various characters from CLAMP's manga works, such as Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura, Yuuko and Mokona from XXXHOLIC, and appearances by characters such as Chi from Chobits
  • Duklyon Bakery another crossover establishment, named after the bakeshop from Clamp's Duklyon can be seen as logos on some of their food containers. Other Clamp works in which the Duklyon logo appears are Cardcaptor Sakura, Chobits and xxxHolic
  • Piffle is also the name of the stores in other Clamp works such as Angelic Layer, xxxHolic and Legal Drug. The name of a leading Persocom company in Chobits is "Piffle Princess Co."
  • The apartment complex managed by Chitose Hibiya in _"Chobits" (2002)_ also appears in The Hanshin Republic and is managed by Sorata and Arashi Arisugawa. There is also a European-like version of it in the Country of Jade, managed by Kyle Rondart. The same apartment complex (or at least the same building architecture) can be seen in other Clamp works such as "XXXHOLiC" (2006) and Kobato.
  • The lyrics of the song Oruha sings at her bar Clover in Oto resemble those of her and Suu's song from Clover (manga). Translations vary.
  • Tsubasa Means "Wing" in Japanese
  • The magic circle used by Yukito to teleport Syaoran and Sakura is a variation of the magic circles seen in Card Captor Sakura, except that all the celestial symbols are lunar. The CCS circles usually had a sun, star, and moon with one of the three as the "principal" element.
  • Syaoran, Kurogane, and Fye's top-rank Kudan forms are from Magic Knight Rayearth. They are the wolf, dragon, and bird respectively.
  • Saitou Masayoshi's kudan is first seen as Sanyun, Aska's servant, in Magic Knight Rayearth 2.
  • Kiishimu from Chun'yan's world is first seen as Lady Debonair from Magic Knight Rayearth 2.
  • Primera from the Hanshin Republic is first seen as a fairy in Magic Knight Rayearth 2.
  • In episode 13 the legend that is the center of the story features a blond haired Princess named Emeraude, a reference to Rayearth's Princess Emeraude.
  • The little fluffy sidekick called Mokona is identical to the one in Magic Knight Rayearth, except in Tsubasa Chronicles it can actually speak. Mokona also is named after Moknoa [Apapa] a principal CLAMP writer, and the co-creator of the Manga
  • At least four characters from another CLAMP series, Chobits also made appearances in episode 1, 22 and 24. In episode 1, persocom Chii talked to Fye right before he went to see the Dimension Witch. Persocoms Sumomo and Kotoko were the super-sized onis on the top floor of the tower in episode 22. A similar person from Chobits named Chitose was featured in episode 24.
  • In addition to other CLAMP characters in the cast of Tsubasa Chronicle, Watanuki, Yuuko, and the black Mokona (which stays with Yuuko and Watanuki instead of travelling with Syaoran, Fye/Fai, Kurogane, and Sakura) are from xxxHOLiC.
  • Sakura is said to be very sensitive to the spirit world. This is the same gift Touya had in "Cardcaptor Sakura" (1998)
  • Monica Rial was actually approached to play Mokona. After a while she fell in love with Sakura and auditioned for the role.
  • Director Trademark: [Kôichi Mashimo] Cast and Crew
  • Director Trademark: [Kôichi Mashimo] Music by Yuki Kajiura
  • Miyuki-chan from CLAMP's Fushigi no kuni no Miyuki-chan (1995) (V) makes frequent cameos with a piece of bread in her mouth.
  • In the English version when the group gets separated from Mokona, Fay (Vic Mignogna) speaks French and Kurogane (Christopher Sabat) speaks Japanese.
  • The characters of Kurogane and Fai are the only two characters created for this by Clamp. All other characters come from other works.
  • One of the worlds traveled too is Piffle World. Piffle comes from the name Princess Piffle Company in "Kidô tenshi anjerikku rêyâ" (2001). The mascot also bears a strong resemblance to Kero from Cardcaptor Sakura.
  • At the end of the Chun Hyang Arc the three investigators that have come to help come from "Clamp gakuen tanteidan" (1997)
  • The characters of Sorata Arisugawa and Arashi are both cross-overs from an early Clamp work X (1996). However, in X, the pair are not married.
  • The hairpin Sakura wore in Ashura's history arc is similar to the one she wore in Cardcaptor Sakura (1999) The Movie after Yukito bought it for her.
  • The announcer of the Dragonfly race in Piffle World is the same announcer in the Kanto area tournament in Angelic Layer. The actors, Yoshiyuki Kôno and Vic Mignogna did not reprise their roles.
  • Of all the characters to make an appearance, Aya Hisakawa who plays Kero, is the only original voice actress to reprise her role.
  • According to the ICv2 Retailers Guide to Anime/Manga #15, Tsubasa is the 6th most popular manga property in the United States, beating out titles such as Death Note, Bleach, and Rurouni Kenshin.

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