Tsubasa World Chronicle: The Encounter with the Goddess Princess
Chapter # 03
Chapter Length: 31 Pages
Volume # 1
Release Date: October 20th, 2014
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The Encounter with the Goddess Princess is the 3rd chapter of Tsubasa World Chronicle: Nirai Kanai-hen.


While flying over Nirai Kanai, Syaoran sees a bad vision of the future. He tells Fai, but he doesn't see anything. Eventually, the group reaches the Goddess' castle.

Tachibana and Sakura are awaiting them. Syaoran tells them he needs to ask some questions, and that they're happy that they've been invited over. Fai notices that they think of them as a threat, so they watch over them closely.

They arrive at Hana's bedroom, and find her eating whole bowls of noodles (suba). Syaoran is startled that she's able to eat so much, especially because he ate those earlier. Hana invites them to eat more noodles, so they stay and eat some more.

Hana is grateful to eat those noodles since the people of the village had given it to her as an offering. She thinks they're special because noodles are her favorite food.

Syaoran and the others thank them for the food, while Hana asks him if he's satisfied eating only 2 bowls of noodles, but Sakura and Tachibana reply to her it's what normal people eat, and that fish and vegetables are also neccesary. They introduce themselves as Ukon and Sakon, not giving away their real names.They refuse to say the Goddess' name (Hana) because they distrust them, noticing that Syaoran and his group don't give away their names either.

Syaoran asks Hana about the flower, the cherry blossom that had been given to him. She replies that it's "Sakura", the name of a person who's very important to him. He deducts that Hana had met Sakura inside a dream, realizing she's a dreamseer. She replies that she has to have that trait, to see Nirai Kanai's future.

She tells him that she and Sakura dreamt with the group arriving to Nirai Kanai, and Sakura prayed for their group, but it became a hard thing to handle. Syaoran then remembers the vision that he had, that the forest had dried up, and thought he was mistaken. Hana replies to him that he wasn't, he just saw it because he's been in "the other world". The bridge between life and death.

And she also knows that he "came back" from the other world. And only those who've been there can change the situation in Nirai Kanai. She tells them that since they're travelers, she can't see their futures. Only Syaoran can solve the situation, but she tells them, it is each one of them must choose what they will do.

Fai wonders if that is a good thing, but she says Sakura is worried they will be hurt again. Hana wishes for them to live for the good of those who they love, and choose accordingly. Syaoran knows it's hitsuzen, and asks Hana to tell them about the situation in Nirai Kanai, and what he can do to help.