Tsubasa World Chronicle: Ligths and Flowers
Chapter # 02
Chapter Length: 31 Pages
Volume # 1
Release Date: September 20th, 2014
Previous: A New World

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Lights and Flowers is the 2nd chapter of Tsubasa World Chronicle: Nirai Kanai-hen.


The Goddess speaks directly into Syaoran's mind, she tells him that she's been waiting for him, and that she's encountered with someone who's important to him.

Tachibana whispers something in Hana's ear and she waves her fan, as the lights sent by the people become flowers.

Fai and Kurogane reflect on the powerful offering that the lights had given the people. They feel grateful and bid "The Goddess" goodbye. Fai puts a flower crown into Kurogane's head, as he becomes angry with him and Mokona for making fun of him.

Syaoran seems worried about something, as he opens his hands he sees that the flower he's been given is a cherry blossom (a direct reference to Sakura).

Later on, that night, Syaoran has a dream with his clone. It seems that a barrier is preventing him to aproach, and he tries calling him by his name to no avail. He awakens, to find Mokona by his side, worried since he kept yelling "Syaoran", and he tells her about the dream. He goes downstairs to find Fai and Kurogane serving breakfast and putting the table.

Fai tells Syaoran that he and Kurogane made a bet, and he won so Kurogane lost his money and now he can't afford to drink. They're having Masayoshi's noodles for breakfast, and they're yummy. Fai looks over Kurogane's dish in disgust, but he tries to defend his dish (Nukazuke).

After eating, they find some strange looking spirits wandering over them (in a dog's form). It's an invitation from Hana, The Goddess, so they decide to attend. The spirits become bigger beasts and carry them. Fai goes with Syaoran and Kurogane with Mokona. Once they reach altitude, Syaoran sees the skies of Nirai Kanai and seemingly has a bad vision of the future.