Horitsuba Private High School: Wait until after school lunch! [1]

Shiritsu Horitsuba Gakuen 4
Release date: September 19, 2009

Special: Sent by pre-order through the coupons attached to the Tsubasa Shunraiki and xxxHOLiC Shunmuki OADs. [2]

In Shiritsu Horitsuba Gakuen 4, Watanuki, Sakura, Himawari, Syaoran, Syaoron, both Mokonas' and Domeki host a radio broad cast during Kurogane and Yuuko's lunch. The two colleagues quarral a bit about Yuuko's pouting until the broadcast starts. A little later, Yuuko makes an odd prediction about Kurogane asking what the heck was going on after lunch. The broad-cast begins with the 8 students introducing themselves and Watanuki and Domeki having a little quarral. After a few inturruptions by the two adults, Sakura, Himawari and the White Mokona introduce special guests on the radio. Fai-sensei and Yuui-sensei. Kurogane seems to be extremely annoyed by this event and criticizes the twins for not preparing for their classes. Once welcomed, the students read off mails from other students of complements and questions. One of them being "You two truly look the same, so were you often mistaken for one other when you were kids?" Fai-sensei replies that they had played pranks to be purposely mixed up and continues with a demonstration of this directed to Kurogane.

After a few more goofy comments from everyone, Watanuki states that Fai and Yuui were asked by the students to read lines from two animes. One of them being Tsubasa and the other xXxHolic. Yuui declines saying he wasn't good at this sort of thing. Fai volunteers for him and succesfully reads off a line from Tsubasa volume one page 64-65 and page 118-119. After reading a few more lines, Fai passes it on to Himawari-chan telling her to read lines as well. After her turn, she passes it to the other students. Upon coming to Domeki, Watanuki requests that he does a weird one. Fai replies that the one he chose for him wasn't exactly weird but cute. These lines turn out to come from xXx Holic and is the part where Watanuki meets up with the Zashiki-Warashi for the first time. Domeki 'subconciously' reaches into Watanuki's shirt as he reads the lines. Watanuki reacts to this by spazzing out. As Kurogane and Yuuko listen to the broadcasts, Yuuko comes up with the idea of her and Kurogane doing a line. Bringing out Tsubasa, she forces Kurogane into reading Chii's line, threatning that if he doesn't collaborate, she will spread a rumor about what's under Kurogane's bed. Kurogane agrees and starts reading his lines. Yuuko scolds him because he's not in character, telling him to make it more cute. The very mortified gym teacher complies and begins reading again. After finishing, there is an awkward pause to which Fai says: "I didn't know I created Kurogane, from now you can call me daddy, or mommy is okay too!" Kurogane is very confused and it is revealed by the students that they had stuck microphones under the table. Watanuki sincerely apologizes saying it was Yuuko-sensei's idea.

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