Horitsuba Private High School: Excited for the treasure hunt game!

Horitsuba 3

Release date: 22/08/2007
On the magazines: Weekly Shounen Magazine #38, Weekly Young Magazine #39
Price: 900 yen

The drama CD features two tracks:
1) Shiritsu Horitsuba Gakuen 3 ~Takarasagashi Geemu ni Doki Doki!~(Shiritsu Horitsuba Gakuen 3: Excited for the treasure hunt game!)
2) Dubbers' commentary

Following the brief presentation by the Mokonas about the Horitsuba Gakuen, the teachers Fai and Kurogane are meeting inside director Yuko's office. Yuko realized it's a quiet day and so decides to make up a game to annoy her two colleagues, Fai and Kurogane.

Yuko summons her students after class, and after having mocked Watanuki, asks them to help her organize the game of the treasure quest in the which the teachers will be participating. Yuko wants them to give out the "clues" in order to find the treasure, which is something very important to Fai-sensei...

The night falls and the teachers have reached the scenario of this show. Yuko has threatened them to reduce the budgets of the departments, so they can't run. Kurogane is wearing a track-suit while Fai wears a shirt and jeans. This shirt had dropped a button, which Fai sew up with Kurogane's dressing case. Kurogane then starts complaining about the director, who then speaks up using the speakers of the high school. Yuko warns them that she's hearing and watching everything, later sends them off on the treasure quest. The key for the quest is "the most important thing for Fai-sensei", something she acquired without his consent. She's also imposing some conditions: if they can't find the treasure in less than an hour, they both will become into her private servants for a month.

The first clue for them, is Yuko's: "the treasure is something that, being the same, is still different".

The first to greet the two contestants are the Mokonas, who come up with a crazy riddle about an angel and a demon called Lulu and Lala. Fai works it out at once, while Kurogane can't understand a single thing (and keeps wondering about it)

The next clue is given by Watanuki and Doumeki in the kitchen classroom. The task consists on finding out which of the two kakuni manjuu has mustard on it... and eat it. Watanuki apologizes and Kurogane "goes for it". He nailed it and ate the right one.

The next clue is in the music classroom, where Sakura and Himawari will do a musical dictation that the teachers must guess. Kurogane doesn't know a thing about about music, so Fai gives it a try and gives out the right answer, since he was always aside someone who played the piano.

The last clue is waiting for them in the gym, where they find the twins Syaoran and Syaoron. Syaoron who is in the basketball club is teaching his brother to throw correctly, since he's in the soccer team, and though they are physically the same, their personalities are different. All of a sudden, the lights go out!

Something is falling out in the ground and then the lights come back, to find that Fai is lying unconscious in the ground. Syaoran wants to stop the quest and tell Doctor Seishirou, though Yuko keeps with the countdown with the last 5 minutes. Kurogane comes to the conclusion that the treasure is teacher Fai himself.

It turns out that it was Yui, Fai's twin brother who was swapped during the blackout. Kurogane explains the things that drove him to that conclusion and the one button in the shirt that helped him realize it was not him. Meanwhile the students and the director are having a banquet thanks to Watanuki's food, who is praised by his future teacher, Yui, the new kitchen arts teacher. This all adds up to more alcohol and the pursuing between Kurogane and Fai. Thus ends one more peaceful day in Horitsuba.

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