Horitsuba Private High School: Excited for Valentine's Day!

Horitsuba cd

Release date: 24/04/2006
In the magazines: Weekly Shounen Magazine #20, Weekly Young Magazine #21/#22
Price: 900yen
The drama has a unique track called like itself: 01 - Shiritsu Horitsuba Gakuen ~Valentine Day ni Doki Doki!~

After a brief presentation of the Mokonas about the Horitsuba Gauken, the gigantic student campus with all needs and services required, the drama starts with Syaoran talking with Sakura, who tells her the next day is February 14th, St. Valentine's day. Syaoran, being an exchange student, was not related with the idea of giving chocolate until now.

Pretty lost by this issue, ends up asking Watanuki (from his same class) although Doumeki needs him and therefore leaves him without an answer. His next move is to ask the Mokonas (Soel, black is a guy; Larg, white is a girl). Nevertheless Fye (chemistry teacher) interrupts their conversation by jumping out the window and stays to taste Syaoran's lunch. Fye asks the gym teacher, Kurogane to help Syaoran with his query, but Kurogane tells him it's a conspiracy of the salesmen, which leaves Syaoran even more lost.

Himawari notices that Syaoran is a bit lost and tells him there is a lot of girls putting their lives on the line that day with chocolate. Yuko, the literature teacher gets into the window and confirms his fears: the Japanese St. Valentine's day is a terryfing day. Conspirations and deadly-fights among girls with chocolates. Now Syaoran understands the meaning of this day and worries about Sakura getting hurt.

And so the long-awaited day arrives. The Mokonas realize that Syaoran has swallowed the whole chocolate when a lot of fangirls run at Syaoran to give him their chocolate. Finally arriving to class, he tells Watanuki he has fought against them, since the chocolates are weapons, it may not be a good idea to eat those. Himawari gives her chocolates to Watanuki, Doumeki and the Mokonas. Sakura offers hers to Syaoran, while he has to make a hard choice but accepts her chocolate, offering to fight for her in the Valentine's day battle, since Seishirou-san taught him martial arts and they might be useful. Sakura is amazed by this, while Fye and Yuko are having fun watching the couple. Kurogane opposes to this "despictable act" calling them a "demon" and a "witch". Thus ends another happy day in Horitsuba Campus, while Yuko thinks of a way to punish Kurogane.

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