堀鐔 (Horitsuba), short for 私立堀鐔学園 (Shiritsu Horitsuba Gakuen), Horitsuba Private High School, [nb 1] is a series of Drama CDs released in the annex of the Shonen Magazine and Young Magazine since 2006.

Before having an anime version, some mangas have "Drama CDs". In these, they might tell the story of the manga itself or secondary/independent stories. In Tsubasa ~RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE's case, it's different since there is no drama of the manga itself, but of the Horitsuba Gakuen (Horitsuba Private Institute), a sort of alternate universe to both Tsubasa ~RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE~ and xxxHOLiC (hence the name: Horitsuba, formed by parts of the phonetics of the series' names, HORIkku and TSUBAsa), where the characters of both series appear in the quiet and peaceful Horitsuba Private Institute.

Horitsuba, up until the moment, includes four Drama CDs, a little omake appeared in the "Internet Radio Magazine" three omakes in a special number of Shounen Magazine (Magazine SPECIAL). With an original script by Ageha Ohkawa, the CDs were sold only with the Shônen Magazine or the Young Magazine (they cannot be found on stores). The seiyuus are the same (since there already were anime of both series), but the music is totally independent to its animes.

The Horitsuba Gakuen saga narrates an independent story compared to TRC and Holic. Situated in a private campus like the "CLAMP Campus" where there was study centers for all ages (from preschool through college), and even leisure and services. Among the thousand students it's housing, we find Syaoran (an exchange student), Sakura, Watanuki, Domeki, Himawari and both Mokonas.

The teachers are Fai, as a chemistry teacher, Kurogane as a gym teacher, and Yuko as a literature teacher (also the director).

Characters (omake)Edit

Qshiritsu holitsuba gakuen clampfes2011 page007

Sakura and Kinomoto Sakura wearing the high school and elementary(?) school uniform respectively


Sakura (TRC)

Syaoran (younger twin) (TRC)

Syaoron (older twin) (TRC)

Kimihiro Watanuki (xxxHolic)

Shizuka Doumeki (xxxHolic)

Himawari Kunogi (xxxHolic)

Both Mokonas (TRC and xxxHolic)

Seen in Special chapter only (Get Ready to Meet the Transfer Students)Edit

Anzu Nekota (transfer student) (new character - CLAMP Festival)

Sakura Kinomoto (CCS)

Tomoyo Daidouji (CCS)

Chise and Chiho (Kobato)

Chii (Chobits)

Goushi Naomasa (new character - CLAMP Festival)

Kobato, Kamui, Kazahaya and Rikuo (seen briefly)


Yuuko Ichihara (Literature ; Director) (xxxHolic)

Kurogane (Physical Education) (TRC)

Fai (Chemistry) (TRC)

Yuui (Home Economics) (TRC)

Qshiritsu holitsuba gakuen clampfes2011 page006

Syaoran (right) being startled by Yuuko-sensei's sudden appearance while Syaoron (left) remains unfazed

Notes on characters: Sakura and Syaoran obviously like each other, and Syaoron appears to like teasing his younger brother about that. Syaoron also appears to be the more mature twin of the pair, while Syaoran gives off a more innocent air and is more easily startled. As for the Flowright twins, Fai is extremely hyper (and enjoys annoying Kurogane) while Yuui is significantly calmer. Also, in the omake special, Sakura (TRC) and Kinomoto Sakura are cousins.



  1. 学園 (Gakuen?) may be traduced as academy, institute or school, generally means secondary teaching (middle and high). Since it's the name of the school, it's written in uppercase, Gakuen.


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