Oruha manga
Oruha in the manga
Series: Tsubasa Chronicle, Clover
Gender: Female

Background/Alliance Information
Residence: Outo Country/Edonis Country
Ragtime World(only in anime)
Current Status: Living

Voice Actors
Japanese: Saeko Chiba
English: Stephanie Young
Quote1 But, no matter how you calculate, predictions aren't always fixed. Quote2

Oruha, also known as Oluha or Ora, is a character in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles. She also stars in the manga of "Clover". Referenced in Volumes 1 and 2, she does not make an appearance until the third and fourth (prequel) volumes. She possesses a beautiful singing voice, and is very talented; and also has a very artistic fashion sense. She is the love interest of Kazuhiko.

In Clover, Oruha is Kazuhiko's deceased lover and a '1-Leaf Clover' who's only power was to know when she'd die. As a singer she is assassinated during the middle of a performance. Prior to her death she becomes friends with Suu through phone calls and they even recorded a song together.

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