Horitsuba Private High School: Excited for Celebrating New Years!
Omake 3

Release date: 01/07/2009
On the magazine: Magazine Dragon #2
Price: 630yen

This omake shows us the Horitsuba crew celebrating New Years according to many traditional customs in the nipon country, many which surprise Yuuy, who's only been a while in the country. Yuuy then learns which is the typical food in New Years and to store it in the boxes called "Jyuubako", which brings good luck for the New Year, as repeating one of the dishes, the "zouni".

Doumeki doesn't mind all this, and he just keeps eating and repeating dishes as much as he can. The tradition also says that everything must be prepared the days prior as to rest during the first days of the year. However...

Watanuki does nothing else other than working on New Years serving the diners who are having a banquet in the Principal Yuko's office at the Institute. Watanuki complains and Yuko says he'd rather be glad that they're all together, especially because like this they all can be together in kimonos. Sakura blushes and tells Syaoran that the kimono fits him well. He's embarrased and tells her it's not his credit, but his brother's, who also helped Yuuy.

Fye is missing at the party and later makes a grand entrance, shocking everyone because he's wearing a woman's kimono (a Furisode)!!! The girls approach to fangirl the teacher, while Kurogane, indignatly complains to Yuko, asking her to not encourage him to do strange things in front of the students like he always does. Yuko, in turn, says she's innocent because she only loaned him the kimono... the one who helped him wear it was... Syaoron, who pleads guilty. Kurogane is left broken after finding out the enabler of this incident.

Like this, Fye and Yuko end up making fun of the teacher's kimono, while everyone else laughs and stares, and poor Kurogane feels embarrased by him, while Yuuy only pities him in this peaceful New Year's Day in Horitsuba.

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