A third season of the anime was planned to launch. However, NHK considered its plot very violent and cancelled the production, which led to several protests from fans outside the TV station building. So, to finish the series, Production I.G., the company behind the xxxHolic anime, picked up the rights to make several OVAs.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle currently has two different OVAs (Original Video Animation).

The first OVA, "Tsubasa: TOKYO REVELATIONS" features the "Tokyo Arc",which follows the original storyline after Lecourt.

The second OVA, "Tsubasa Shunraiki" (Tsubasa Spring Thunder Chronicle), features the "Nihon" arc, which explains prior events in both Celes and Infinity.

Important Note: Since these OADs are oriented to the manga readers, they might skip previous arcs/worlds which have not been animated since they are independent versions to the anime. The OADs only present the storyline of a fragment of the manga, assuming that the reader already knows what previously occured. So read the manga before watching these events, you'll have a better idea of what is going on, and also to avoid spoilers.


General Information
English Name: Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations
Japanese Name: ツバサ TOKYO REVELATIONS
Release Date: November 16, 2007- March 17, 2008
Director: Shunsuke Tada
Producer: Rui Kuroki
Author: Nanase Okawa
Studio: Production I.G
Music by: Yuki Kajiura
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

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After the second season of the anime, the anime was canceled. However, several months later, a three episode original video animation (OVA) series was made, to properly follow the story of the manga series through the "Acid Rain" Tokyo story arc.

  • 1 "The Magician's Message"

"Majutsushi no Dengon" (魔術師の伝言) 2007-11-16

The group arrives in a desolated Tokyo. Running under cover from the acid rain, Syaoran and Mokona run into Kamui and his group. Sustaining minor injuries, Syaoran is rescued by Kurogane, who then fights Kamui until to a draw. Deciding that the travelers aren't thieves, Kamui allows the group shelter and receive treatment for Syaoran's wounds. Kurogane speaks to Fai about his past, and then later the group runs into Fūma and his group. The Syaoran being held captive by Fei Wang Reed wakes up.

  • 2 "The Boy's Right Eye"

"Shōnen no Migime" (少年の右目) 2008-01-17

It is revealed that the Syaoran that has been collecting the feathers so far is a clone and that the real Syaoran was the one trapped by Fei Wang Reed. The story continues as the awakened Syaoran travels towards his clone. The seal on the "heart" in the clone's right eye is broken, and Fay tries to restore it with his magic, but fails. Without the heart anymore the clone Syaroans instincts (reasons why he was created) kick in making him forget his own developing heart. Fay's left eye is eaten by the clone and battle breaks out between the real Syaoran and the clone. As the real Syaoran is about to strike the Clone, Sakura begs them to stop and because of this, the Clone maims Syaoran, obtains the feather and gives it to Sakura. The Clone then leaves through a portal opened by his creator, Fei Wong Reed, ignoring Sakura's desperate pleas for him to stay. Later, Subaru, Kamui’s twin, wakes up from his coma.

  • 3 "The Princess' Dream"

"Himegimi no Mita Yume" (姫君の視た夢) 2008-03-17

After the Clone left, the water has drained from the Municipal building and Fay is dying due to the loss of his eye that the clone ate. Subaru wishes to have the water restored, while Kurogane wishes to save Fay's life. Fay is fed with vampire blood and becomes a vampire, thus saving his life, and the water is restored. The price of the water, however, is that Sakura must seek out a treasure somewhere in Tokyo. In the process on searching; Sakura was injured while battling her way out. Her left eye is injured and left arm wrenched out, mirroring the injuries Syaoran had suffered. Later, she is saved on her way back by a mysterious girl (Sakura Kinomoto) and makes it back. The people of Tokyo Tower give their feather to the people of the tower in exchange for letting them all live in the building. Yūko reveals that Fei Wang Reed is behind Sakura's lost feathers and their journey across the dimensions, informing them that he needs Sakura to have the memories of many dimensions imprinted upon her body. Sakura decides to find clone Syaoran, together with others by their own personal reason start to travel into another dimension again, leaving the last feather behind to ward the water and the building to protect the people of Tokyo.

Tsubasa Shunraiki

Shunraiki poster
General Information
English Name: Tsubasa: Spring Thunder Chronicle
Japanese Name: Tsubasa Shunraiki
Release Date: March 17, 2009 - May 15, 2009
Director: Shunsuke Tada
Producer: Aya Hashimoto, Hiroaki Morita, Masayuki Haryu, Takuya Matsushita, Rui Kuroki
Author: Nanase Okawa
Studio: Production I.G
Music by: Yuki Kajiura
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

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The OVA, Tsubasa Shunraiki (Tsubasa Spring Thunder Chronicle) was released in Japan. It focuses on the Nihon Arc from the manga, but starts off with the groups last few moments in Celes.

  • 1 "The First Part" "Zenpen" 03-17-2009

The episode begins with the last moments in Celes, when Kurogane kills King Ashura, thus activating Fai's curse of getting trapped there, cast by Fei Wong. Fai tries to help the group escape, but he doesn't have enough magic. With Mokona's aid "Syaoran Li", Sakura and Kurogane are able to leave, but Fai is left behind. In order to save him, Kurogane cuts off his hand and leaves Sohi behind as a price. They land in Nihon Country by Princess Tomoyo's wish. After Kurogane wakes up, Tomoyo realizes that he finally learnt the meaning of strength. Later it's seen that Tomoyo placed Sakura on the oldest cherry tree to help her; since her life is fading away because her body and soul splitted while in Celes. Her soul's currently in the Dream World where she meets Watanuki. Fuuma also makes an appearance to give Kurogane a mechanical arm (sent by Piffle's Tomoyo) and paid by the remaining magic of Fai's. The group is greeted by Souma and Amaterasu who invite them to stay but Seishiro shows up, who notices that Fai is a vampire and asks him about the Twin Vampires. Before leaving Syaoran battles him for the feather. While battling, Tomoyo tells Fye she paid her dreamseer powers in order for everyone to land in Nihon. After finally defeating Seishirou (thus obtaining the feather) "Syaoran" Li gets to the Dream World, where he meets Watanuki, Sakura, and the Clone.

  • 2 "The Latter Part" "Kōhen" 05-15-2009

The Clone realizes that Syaoran has a feather, thus The Clone and "Syaoran Li" begin their fight. "Syaoran" tries to protect Sakura with his Raitei Shourai while fighting, but the flaming attack of the Clone knocks "Syaoran" to the ground. Sakura runs towards him and refuses to move when the Clone tells her to, so the Clone procedes to cut her shoulder. The rest of the group realizes that something happened, and the Cherry Tree breaks. However, the Clone stops and is unable to hurt Sakura any further. Yuko explains this is because of his body's memories with her. Fei Wong commands him to kill Syaoran, he tries to remove the feather but "Syaoran" grabs his hand. The Dream World breaks into the real world, and without realizing it, the Clone stabs Sakura. She reveals the truth about herself, she is a Clone too. Her soul disolves before being able to tell Clone Syaoran that she loved him. Kyle Rondart appears to retrieve Sakura's body. The body is important for Fei Wong to achieve his wish, he also reveals that she has the Real Sakura's soul, but her body is "destroyed". Sakura too, knew all along since Tokyo she was a clone, which is why she was cold towards "Syaoran". "Syaoran" makes a decision to retrieve both Sakuras' location, but this price was paid in advance by Watanuki, who forgot his own past and doesn't even remember having met Yuko. She reveals that Fei Wong's location is in Clow Country, in a "cut-off time". Before leaving, Kurogane meets Tomoyo again, to make a vow to her to return and also she gives him back the "Real Ginryuu". His mother made a wish to Tomoyo to keep it safe. Upon leaving, the three are wearing their first outfits when they came to the shop.

List of the Music Featured in Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations

Episode 1

EP01-01 tsubasa tokyo revelations (ttr) main theme (vocal only) 03:11 X
EP01-02 unreleased bgm
EP01-03 0&1 instrumental X
EP01-04 break the sword of justice (varation w/faster strings end) X
EP01-05 unreleased piano bgm
EP01-06 ttr main theme (vocal only) X
EP01-07 another unreleased piano bgm
EP01-08 unreleased cello bgm
EP01-09 ttr main theme (vocal only)
EP01-10 ttr main theme (full)

- 03:11
- 04:40 - 05:30
- 09:33 - 10:23
- 10:57 - 11:10
- 11:56 - 12:55
- 13:44 - 15:53
- 16:07 - 16:36
- 19:30 - 24:08

Episode 2

EP02-01 ttr main theme (sfx only)
EP02-02 synchronicity X
EP02-03 darkness comes X
EP02-04 prove yourself instrumental with ttr main theme sfx at the begginng and the end
EP02-05 moebius
EP02-06 catastrophe instrumental
EP02-07 hear our prayer
EP02-08 song of song and fire (varation with different strings @ the end)
EP02-09 total eclipse (sfx only)/ or unreleased bgm X

- 00:00 - 00:37
- 04:40 - 07:40
- 08:43 - 10:56
- 14:53 - 18:50
- 19:59 - 22:30
- 23:25 - 26:35

Episode 3

EP03-01 total eclipse (sfx only)/ or unreleased bgm X
EP03-02 synchronicity X
EP03-03 morning moon X
EP03-04 ttr main theme (vocal, cello, strings ver)
EP03-05 unreleased piano bgm
EP03-06 unrelease bgm
EP03-07 ship of fools (partially instrumental w/ different vocals at the end)
EP03-08 hear our prayer X
EP03-09 if you are my love (w/ additional accoustic piano @ the end)
EP03-10 believe X
EP03-11 we go further, everyday X

- 00:00 - 00:42
- 04:18 - 08:27
- 09:28 - 10:26
- 13:27 - 16:41
- 21:56 - 25:14

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