Kusanagi in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

Kusanagi Shiyu is a demon-hunter in the world of Oto. He is on a team with Yuzuriha Nekoi, a small girl with a pistol. He is a minor character in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle anime and manga.


Kusanagi is a friendly guy who seems like a peaceful man, but he is very skillful in defeating demons of high ranks. It seems odd, but he has a strong father-like bond with his partner, Yuzeriha. In his original series, X/1999, he is the most social of all dragons of earth.


Kusanagi is a man of brawny build. His weapon of choice is a set of long claws estending from his gloves. He uses these with his agility, and, combined with Yuzeriha's pistol's range, makes a strong impact. He is a crossover character from Clamp's older work: X/1999. There, he is a dragon of earth (one of the seven angels). He can send a strong punch which makes the ground tremble.