Kaze no Machi e is the 9th track in the OST, Future Soundscape 2.

Music, arrangements, and lyrics by Yuki Kajiura
Performed by FictionJunction KEIKO
Dubbed Version Performed by Stephanie Young


Kaze no machi e eng sub

Kaze no machi e eng sub

Tsubasa Chronicle "To the City of Wind" With Lyrics

Tsubasa Chronicle "To the City of Wind" With Lyrics



toki no mukou kaze no machi e
nee, tsureteitte
shiroi hana no yume kanaete

amai yubi de kono te wo tori
nee, tooi michi wo
michibiite hoshii no
anata no soba e

sono utagoe taenai hirusagari
mezamete futari wa hitotsu ni nari
shiawase no imi wo hajimete shiru no deshou

sono utagoe setsunaku takaraka ni
subete no kokoro ni hibiku no deshou
shiawase no imi wo shirazu ni nemuru yoru ni...

mada shiranai yume no mukou
nee, tooi michi wo
futari de yukeru wa
kaze no machi e

English translation

To the town of wind on the other side of time
Come on, take me there
Make my dream of white flowers come true

Take this hand with your sweet fingers
Come on, I want you to lead me
On the distant road
To your side

That singing voice won't cease in the afternoon
Together we wake to become one
We will know the meaning of happiness for the first time
Take me with you...

That singing voice will heartrendingly and loudly
Echo in every heart
Never knowing the meaning of happiness when they sleep at night...

The other side of our dreams are still unknown to us
Come on, together we can go
On the distant road
To the town of wind