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Ginryū (銀竜Silver Dragon) is the sword Kurogane uses at the start of the series, though it is handed over to Yūko Ichihara so Kurogane could travel with Clone Syaoran to regain Sakura's memories.

Ginryu's Hilt

Later on in the series it is revealed that Ginryū was once Kurogane's father's sword, until his father died at the hands of a demon. Kurogane then found Ginryū and defeated the demon with it. After Kurogane goes into the service of Princess Tomoyo, he asks that Ginryū be buried with his mother as a replacement for his father. Princess Tomoyo had made an exact copy of the Giryu and gave it to Kurogane.

Later on, The real Ginryu is given back to Kurogane. It turns out that Tomoyo did not bury it because of his mother's wish.

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