The Group's Determination
Season 2, Episode 50
Ep 50
Air Date October 21, 2006
Location Tao Country
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Ep 49:The Distorted Wish
Ep 51: A Frozen Spirit

The Group's Determination is the 50th episode in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.



Syaoran directs a flame attack at King Chaos, but Chaos avoids it. Chaos locks blades with Syaoran, explaining that he loves Sakura and causing cracks to start to form on Syaoran’s sword. When Syaoran uses another fire attack, Chaos sucks it in and then uses an attack that combines his own ability with Syaoran’s fire. It is enough to break Syaoran’s blade and keep him down.

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Chaos releases Sakura, but she refuses to go with him. He reaches his hand out to hers and triggers something that causes Sakura’s eyes to go dead. Mokona tries to warn Sakura, but Chaos throws Mokona off. He spreads his wings, which are composed of many of Sakura's feathers, and opens a portal so that he and Sakura can travel through the dimensions. However, seeing Sakura crying with her lifeless eyes, Chaos decides not to enter the portal with her and instead flies her back to his castle. He knows that if her heart hasn’t changed, then there’s no meaning to travel together.

Mokona gets help for Syaoran, Fai, and Kurogane in the form of the couple who they originally encountered when they arrived at this world.

Syaoran wakes up only after he has a vision of drifting in a sea next to that someone who looks just like him, except wearing black and having an eye patch.

With Sakura gone and his sword broken, Syaoran wanders off to think. Knowing that this is about more than victory or defeat, Fai follows him and asks him tells him that for this once, he should think about himself instead of about Sakura. Fai suggests that the most important thing is whether or not Syaoran needs Sakura.

Staring from the balcony in Chaos' castle, Sakura looks out into the distance thinking of Syaoran. At the same time, Syaoran is looking at the castle from far away, recalling his memories with her on this journey. Fai brews a medicine and secretly whistles some of his magic into it.

Kurogane contacts Yuuko and requests that he borrow Ginryuu for Syaoran’s sake. Yuuko thinks that Kurogane should trust and believe, and doesn’t lend him the sword.

Syaoran decides to go out to see Sakura not for her sake, but for himself. Fai then gives him a jar of the magic medicine, and Kurogane hands over his current sword. Mokona says that Kurogane is entrusting his sword to Syaoran because he believes in him.



  • This is a filler episode and has no equivalence in the manga.

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