Kero-chan and Mokona
Season 2, Episode 44
Ep 44
Air Date September 9, 2006
Location Kero World
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Ep 43: The Five Eyes of Tchicai
Ep 45: The Second Trial

Kero chan and Mokona is the 44th episode of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.



The group arrives in a new world, but Mokona once again seems to be feeling down even though Mokona says that Mokona is energetic.

Mokona senses that there is indeed a feather in this world, but for now the groups decide to set up camp by a pillar depicting what Syaoran thinks is this country’s guardian deity. When dinner time comes, Mokona surprisingly doesn’t want to eat. Then at bedtime, Mokona is unable to choose who to sleep with that night. Mokona mentions that Mokona wants to snuggle up with everyone at once, but Fai says that Mokana is just too small. Mokona eventually settles on Syaoran, but still ends up being unable to fall asleep.

Mokona contacts Yuuko even though Mokona has nothing really to say – Mokona just wanted to see Yuuko for a bit. Although Yuuko avoids directly answering when Mokona asks if Yuuko ever becomes lonely for no apparent reason, she does suggest that Mokona is homesick. Upon hearing what homesick means, Mokona doesn’t think that that’s it. Mokona tells Yuuko about the figure on the pillar, and Yuuko sets Mokona’s mind at ease because she thinks that this guardian deity will be able to figure out Mokona’s pain.

That night, as the group is sleeping, a bright light starts to emanate from the top of a nearby mountain peak. When they wake up the next morning, Kurogane, Fai, Sakura, and Syaoran are all tiny whereas Mokona retained normal size. Since they are so small, Syaoran and company almost get stepped on by Mokona, but are fortunately saved when Kero arrives and stops Mokona.

Tsubasa Chronicle - 44 - Large 02
Kero had earlier sensed that the long-awaited savior had arrived and had come out to find this person. The group returns to Kero-chan’s home inside a tree where Kero introduces himself as Keroberos, the guardian deity of this Kerobe country. Fai remembers that they saw something very similar to the Kero balloon back in Piffle World. As for what happened with Syaoran and company, Kero explains that a feather fell down onto the nearby mountain, turning it into a magical mountain that makes humans tiny. He knew Mokona was coming through a dream and considers Mokona to be the savior. Mokona and Kero-chan are the only ones big enough to go up the mountain, and so they leave Syaoran and company behind.

The two have to brave cliffs and blizzard conditions in their quest to get to the feather. At one point, Mokona has to even use one of his 108 Secret Skills – Super Suction Power – to protect them from a rockslide caused by a bolt of lightning.

Back at Kero’s home, Syaoran decides that he should go up after all, and Sakura volunteers to go with him, but Kurogane stops them both. Fai makes them realize what it means to be small, and says that what they can do for now is to believe in Mokona and wait for Mokona’s return. Syaoran now knows that waiting is painful, and so he apologizes to Sakura (since she’s always waiting).

Mokona and Kero-chan eventually do reach the feather, which seems to have a protective barrier around it. Kero blasts open a hole for Mokona, and Mokona sees that there’s actually a butterfly inside the barrier with the feather. Mokona figures out that the butterfly must have wanted everyone to be the same size as it, which is what caused all the people to turn small. But with time running out before the hole closes, Mokona apologizes to the butterfly and takes the feather. Mokona barely squeezes out before the hole closes.

Mokona and Kero return back to Kero-chan’s home, but Syaoran and company are still kind of small. Kero thinks that it’ll take some time for the magic mountain’s curse to go away, and Mokona gets an idea for the meantime.

That night, Mokona sleeps with Syaoran, Sakura, Fai, and Kurogane in Mokona’s arms; just like Mokona wished. Sakura wakes up the next morning after having a dream of a memory where she fell out of bed. She’s actually grown back to normal size and quickly realizes that she’s sitting on top of Mokona.

Tsubasa Chronicle - 44 - Large 08
Since it is now time for the group to leave, Mokona and Kero-chan have to say their good-byes to each other. Although having to separate from Kero is sad, Mokona is at least not feeling down anymore. They then notice that there’s a rabble of butterflies floating above them, and Sakura suggests that they’re all here to say goodbye to Mokona. As Mokona and the others are disappearing to the next world, Kero hopes to see Mokona again.



  • This is a filler episode and has no equivalence in the manga.

CLAMP Crossovers

  • Cardcaptor Sakura: Cerberus a.k.a. "Kero-chan". Here, he acts as the guardian deity of this Kerobe country.


  • Sakura remembers falling out of bed when she was little.