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The Other Side of Nostalgia
Season 2, Episode 42
Air Date August 26, 2006
Location Lecourt/Clow Country's past
Episode Guide
Ep 41: The Library's Secret
Ep 43: The Five Eyes of Tchicai

The Other Side of Nostalgia is the 42nd episode of Tsubasa Chronicle.

Note: The original storyline continues in the Tsubasa Chronicle OVA, "Tokyo Revelations".



Sakura and Syaoran along with the other find themselves in what seems to be the Clow Country. However, they later find out that there are no people here. Fai believes this to be part of Sakura's memories and the only things present here are the things that she remembers the most, which is why there is not a single picture of Syaoran in his house. Fai says that the feather must be in the place that she is the most unknown to which in this case turns out to be the ruins. Will Syaoran get Sakura's feather back from the same place they had last been before she lost all her memories and went on this world hopping journey?



CLAMP Crossovers


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