The Afternoon Piano
Season 1, Episode 20
Ep 20
Air Date September 3, 2005
Location Ōto Country
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Ep 19: A Resolution to Live
Ep 21: The Demon's True Face

The Afternoon Piano is the 20th episode of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.



Kurogane and Syaoran go out to get new swords, since Kurogane broke his regular katana and Syaoran wants to learn how to fight with a sword. When they reach the store, the salesman's assistant looks like Matuyoshi. The salesman is able to tell that Kurogane is a trained swordsman and gives him the long sword Sohi, and able to tell that Syaoran has no sword fighting experience, feels the sword Hien is right for him.

They go training with the new swords and begin with some dodging exercises. After some observing his movements, Kurogane concludes that Syaoran’s timing is messed up because of his eyes, but Syaoran is determined as ever to correct it.

At the cafe, Fai has a piano put in for decoration purposes. Sakura is working her hardest to find out anything she can from the cafe patrons and ironically two customers come in who look like Toya and Yukito.

In the afternoon, Fai leaves to go to city hall, leaving Sakura and Mokona alone. After Mokona falls asleep, a mysterious woman appears at the door. She asks Sakura to sing her song, prompting her with questions about why she’s there and where she came from. Sakura gets a glazed look in her eyes, and starts singing a song that tells the woman the story behind her. It seems she bypasses the memory rule via her subconscious, in which she remembers her childhood with Syaoran, but doesn't actually realize it. At the end of the song, she cries gently as she goes to sleep and the mysterious lady promptly leaves.

Near the end of the episode, Syaoran comes back, ragged from Kurogane's training. He sleeps quickly after a tiring day, and Sakura fixes up his attire while falling up falling asleep next to him. A mysterious man is shown, with egg-shaped objects, apparently overseeing the actions of the mysterious woman from before as the egg shaped object has Sakura's feather inside.



CLAMP Crossovers

  • Clover: Oruha plays the piano