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A Resolution to Live
Season 1, Episode 19
Air Date August 27, 2005
Location Ōto Country
Episode Guide
Ep 18: Cats and Dogs
Ep 20: The Afternoon Piano

A Resolution to Live is the 19th episode of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.



Kurogane and Fai battle the demons, who manage to stay alive, albeit Fai's ankle gets injured. New demon slayers show up in the store. The person that Kurogane and Fay were directed to meet had just left the place. A stronger demon arrives on the scene, and goes after Sakura. Syaoran is unable to do much because he does not have a weapon, but the teamwork of the demon slayers takes down the demon. Fay and Kurogane come back to give the bad news. In the end, Syaoran realizes that he cannot rely just on his kicking skills and ask Kurogane to teach him how to fight with a sword. The mystery man watches them from the trees, unbeknown to everyone.




CLAMP CrossoversEdit

  • RG Veda: Sōma
  • Magic Knight Rayearth: Caldina as the Bartender


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