The World of Memories is the 91st chapter in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.


The gang has just left Piffle World.


Syaoran wakes up in a dream with is clone calling out to him. He thinks to himself, "It's the same as what I saw in that dream" "He was still a child when I last saw him, but..." "Now he's become like me". His clone then reaches out, and begins to choke him. Then Sakura yells "Syaoran-kun!" and he wakes up from his dream.

They are now in a new world. Syaoran says to Sakura "To be like this right now, I'm sorry" "It's as if something's pinning me down, so I can't get up" "Sorry about this". Sakura asks him if he really is alright. He tells her that he's fine. Sakura being unsure says "Really? If you're hiding it from me, it'll just make me more worried". He replies "I'm really okay. It was only a strange dream". She asks him if it was a nightmare and he says you could say it was a nightmare.

Sakura tells him "You know... the feather we got from Piffle World has allowed me to recover this memory" "The last time I had a really scary dream, the high priest Yukito told me that doing this would help". She holds his hand and says "If Syaoran-kun has a nightmare, let my good dreams be transferred to Syaoran-kun" "This way Syaoran-kun will experience very warm dreams".

All of a sudden Mokona interrupts and yells "It's love, love---!". Fai and Kurogane are there as well. Sakura and Syaoran freak out and Sakura tells them that Syaoran just had a bad dream. Fai then asks Sakura if she was preforming a charm. Mokona interrupts again and says that it was love.

They move on from that conversation and Syaoran asks Fai and Kurogane what the new country is like. They bought some clothes and tell them that they are very similar to the clothes from Jade country. The only difference were the women's dresses. Syaoran then asks Mokona if he has sensed the feather. Mokona tells him that the country is full of mysterious powers. Fai explains to them that Mokona can walk around without any problems and that it will be wonderfully pleasant for Syaoran.

The country that they have arrived in is called Lecourt. Lecourt is a country of magic and everyone studies it n school. Because of that Mokona can be outside. Fai then leads them to the place that Syaoran will find very pleasant. When they arrive there, Sakura and Syaoran both ask what it is. It turns out to be a huge library, with shelves that go all around the building! Syaoran is shocked by how many books there are.

Lecourt researches magic from all sorts of aspects. Syaoran starts to get excited and can't wait to look at some of the books. The gang begins to wander around the library. Kurogane and Syaoran come upon a book that has no spine on it. Kurogane picks it up and flips through it. The book is totally blank. Then he hands it to Syaoran. He opens it and appears to be in a different world.

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