The Power of Two
Ch 73
Chapter # 73
Chapter Length: 22 Pages
Volume # 10
Release Date: 03/30/2005
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The Power of Two is Chapter 73 of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles.


he preliminary race has started, and already Sakura is tossed around a bit by the wind. But luckily, she quickly recovers with the help of Syaoran's instructions. Suddenly, Tomoyo emerges out of nowhere on a giant "Piffle Princess" mascot Tballoon and comments on the scrumptious combination Sakura and Syaoran make. She's of course filming and in total "shiawase" mode. (For those not familiar with Cardcaptor Sakura, it's something like this.) Tomoyo tells Sakura she is both cute and kind. This... flusters Sakura a bit and she experiences some ship trouble again. Syaoran is right there to help her.

Fay is of course teasing Kurogane, who has taken a quick sideways glance at Sakura. Kurogane just puts Fay in his place and reminds him this is in fact a race. In the lead are the competitors who the group has met in other words, along with Fay and Kurogane, who apparently are respectively registered as the "Tsubame" and the "Kuro-tan"! Mokona named Fay's dragonfly, and Fay named Kurogane's. Needless to say, Kurogane isn't too thrilled about that one.

Sakura tells Syaoran he should go ahead. She wants him to do his best, while she'll do her best the same. Tomoyo continues filming on her "Piffle Go" (the huge mascot balloon) and comments on what great people they are... she hopes they win.

Suddenly, a huge wind forces a lot of the competitors to parachute to safety. But Syaoran skillfully dodges the wind at the last second on his way toward the front of the ranks. But in a much more graceful manner, Sakura senses the presence of the wind (though she doesn't know what it is quite yet) and stays out of the course of the wind completely. She does a turn in mid-air on her dragonfly "Wing Egg". Tomoyo is absolutely enraptured by this.

Tomoyo spices things up a bit by revealing the energy battery at the goal of the race - the tower.


The names of their Dragonfly machines were all given by Mokona: Wing Egg (Sakura), Mokona (Syaoran), Tsubame (Fai), Kurotan (Kurogane)