The One Impossible to Forget is Chapter 72 of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles.


Piffle has slipped into nighttime mode, while Syaoran coaches Sakura on improving her flying. Syaoran touches Sakura's hand on the steering wheel, which prompts Sakura to give a cute blush. Syaoran quickly apologizes for the contact, but it appears they are both equally flustered. Of course, Mokona finds this very amusing.

From inside their lodgings, Fay and Kurogane look out toward Sakura and Syaoran. The two are drinking when Fay brings up the effect that Tomoyo seems to have on Kurogane, and how he pays special attention to his princess. But Kurogane does not really buy into it. He instead asks about the person Fay is running away from. The conversation is essentially about discovering people in different worlds who resemble their counterparts in others, but how neither are really the same person. Fay says he would know if the similarity were merely superficial or much more than that, just as Kurogane would know for Tomoyo-hime. But this "tender" conversation is cut short by Sakura, who has apparently crashed into the side of the ship.

It is morning and finally the day of the race! But wait, apparently this is only the preliminary to test who can qualify for the actual race. Tomoyo is as energetic as ever, and quickly whips out her camera to begin filming Sakura.

There is an enormous crowd that has come to watch the preliminaries of the Dragonfly Race. The entire mood is of excitement and suspense. The deal is, the contestants must qualify within the top 20 in the preliminary in order to qualify for the final race for the powerful battery.

Taking a look around, Syaoran notices many familiar faces in the competition, such as Ryuou, Karendayu, Chunyan, and even Masayoshi. It seems like everyone they have met is competing!

But finally, the race begins, and the competition looks fierce!


  • Angelic Layer: Announcer, Sign Girls, Shuoko Asami
  • Cardcaptor Sakura: Tomoyo ang bodyguards
  • RG Veda: Ryu-ou
  • Duklyon: Erii, Kentarou, Takeshi
  • CLAMP Campus Detectives: Nokoru, Akira, Suoh, Masayoshi
  • Legend of Chun-Hyang: Chun Hyang
  • Clover: Oruha
  • X: Sorata, Arashi, Shougo


Basically, their competition is made up of people they have met in Hanshin, Spirit, Koriyo, and Outo.

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