What Must be Done Now is Chapter 71 of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles.


Kurogane is absolutely shocked to see Princess Tomoyo in Piffle, but the mysterious Tomoyo's body guards quickly jump into action and make a barrier between Tomoyo and Kurogane.

But suddenly, Tomoyo calls for a "cease fire" of her body guards' glares, and runs right past Kurogane. She grasps Sakura's hand and is overjoyed to have found her "female star".

Back at the "base", Fay and Syaoran are quite contented to be in the peaceful country of Piffle, despite the fact that Fay has never seen planes or cars before. Mokona comments on how Syaoran has been drifting off lately. Apparently Fay noticed it, too. Syaoran has been feeling guilt and apprehension at having "changed the history" of the country of Shara by interfering with its past (Shura). But Fay quickly remedies this by telling Syaoran he shouldn't worry about such things, as they cannot be helped. What's important now is winning the race and winning Sakura's feather! But coming up the way are Kurogane and Sakura... along with about 15 other cars.

Later on, the group all sits down and talks with Tomoyo, with her many body guards looming over her. Tomoyo introduces herself as Daidouji Tomoyo, the president of Piffle Princess Corporation - the very company that sponsors the Dragonfly Race!

Tomoyo is clearly overexcited at the thought of the race. She wants to record every moment of it, and wants Sakura to make her "debut" as her female star at the race.

This prompts Sakura to test out her new parts and dragonfly, but as soon as she goes up, she plops right back down. She just might need some practice!


  • Card Captor Sakura : Tomoyo & bodyguards


  • Tomoyo's personality and attitude is the same exact personality of the Tomoyo from Cardcaptor Sakura, down to her video-wielding Sakura fangirl self.
  • Piffle Princess is the same brand that has appeared in many of CLAMP's other series. Tomoyo's reaction to Mokona as a well-made robot may hint that PP, as in the series Angelic Layer, makes realistic & lifelike toys that can move on their volition.

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