Another Self is Chapter 70 of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles.


Syaoran is standing in total darkness and seclusion as a strange voice calls his name. There are glimpses of younger Syaoran with a patch over his left eye, as Syaoran is abruptly awoken by Mokona. Apparently it was a dream.

It's morning in the beautiful, high-tech country of Piffle, where it appears the Syaoran group has already settled itself in quite nicely. Syaoran was strangely the last one to wake up - at a time around noon - but this could perhaps be attributed to his foreboding dream. Syaoran steps outside of the large ship the group is occupying and finds Fay lounging at a deck table. Sakura and Kurogane have gone shopping to get more parts - parts for the dragonflies. The group is aiming to win the "Dragonfly Race"; a fast-paced race in the sky based on maneuvering and skill. To top it off, the person who wins this particular race is rewarded with Sakura's feather.

Sakura and Kurogane easily find the stores they need, and Kurogane pays with the bounty money he and Fay accumulated in Yama. As usual, Sakura's charm wins over the goofy guys behind the counter, who are absolutely shaken that she will be participating in the Dragonfly Race. Apparently it's a very dangerous race that is driven mostly by the power of the wind, which can make the situation very precarious based on the weather. What's more, the prize (Sakura's feather) is a "battery" with enormous power - enough to even power the entire city, so everyone wants it.

Back in the car, Kurogane asks Sakura if she's still up to the race. And just like Sakura, she says she wants to help out in any way she can. Kurogane compares her stubbornness to "that country's princess". Suddenly, another car whirls out in front of Kurogane and Sakura, and the two nearly collide. Most unexpectedly, "Princess Tomoyo" emerges from the other car... or does she?


  • Miyuki-chan in Wonderland: Miyuki
  • Cardcaptor Sakura: Tomoyo


  • The existence of Syaoran's doppelganger is emphasized in his dream.

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