Linked Worlds
Ch 007
Chapter # 7
Chapter Length: 31 Pages
Volume # 2
Release Date: 07/09/2003
Previous: Chapter 06, Strength of the Heart

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Linked Worlds is the 7th chapter in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.


After his initial surprise, Syaoran realizes that the waiters who look like Touya and Yukito are not the same people that he knows back in Clow. They remember what Yuko had warned them about meeting people who they knew in one world, but in a different world, they also may be living different lives.

They leave the restaurant, intending to continue searching for Sakura's feather. Masayoshi volunteers to accompany them and runs off to let his family know where he's going. Fai asks Syaoran to continue the story that he had been telling him about his dream. Kurogane interjects to say that he had a dream the previous night too.

Out of nowhere, a rival kudan gang comes up to the trio, asking about "Syaoran". Word had gone around that Shougo favored Syaoran because of his special-class kudan, so before Syaoran had a chance to join Shougo's gang, this gang's leader was recruiting Syaoran to join his group instead.

Syaoran flat out refuses, so in anger, the gang leader attacks with his own first-class kudan, shaped in the form of a giant steel-plated crab. He gets ready to fight, but then Kurogane steps up to take his place in the fight. Syaoran is worried that Kurogane is no match for the gang leader, especially since Kurogane left his weapon with Yuko. Kurogane shrugs this off and just taunts the gang leader to come and attack him already.

Despite Kurogane's skillful evasion, he is at a disadvantage without a weapon. The crab kudan attacks him with sharpened blades. Just as Kurogane was thinking that this battle would be easier with a sword, a kudan in the form of a dragon appears. This was the beast that Kurogane had seen in his dream, and now, it transforms itself into a sword. When the enemy kudan launches another strong attack, Kurogane unleashes the power of his sword attack, thus finishing the fight.