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Eternal Emotions is Chapter 66 of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles.


It is later revealed that one of Sakura's feather is present with Yasha when he was stabbed and vanished. Ashura revealed to Syaoran that King Yasha had been dead a long time ago and it was only an illusion made by the feather. Despite having equal skill in combat Ashura managed to wound Yasha grievously. That made Ashura notice that Yasha had fallen sick. One day Yasha appeared in Ashura's castle but Ashura knows that it is impossible for them to meet there except on the Castle of the Moon, she immidiately deduced that Yasha was already dead. After Ashura let Syaoran have the feather she proclaimed herself as master of the Castle of the Moon and made her wish. Ashura's desire was too great to be fullfilled and caused the castle to crumble. Ashura stayed on the castle with Yasha's sword and gave Syaoran her last words to him, to continue fullfilling his desires and to become stronger.


RG Veda: Ashura-ou, Yasha, Kumara


  • The nature of the relationship between Ashura and Yasha is revealed; though they belong to warring clans, they each loved each other, to the point that Yasha's spirit made sure to visit Ashura soon after his death.
  • Ashura encourages Syaoran to continue to "wish for what his heart truly desires," which may be a hint of events to come.

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