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The World of Heaven is a Chapter 58 of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.

Plot Edit

As from the last Chapter, the sky opens and the people in the Jinja blame the Ashura statue for the calamity (which may be true but not explained) and vote to destroy it while Souseki tries to calm his (?) people and try to stop them. Mokona then senses a really big "thing" across the rip/portal (?). Meanwhile, in the Yuuka district, Suzuran checks on the Ashura statue and sees flames behind it while the Yasha statue cries blood again. Suzuran tries to convince herself that the Ashura statue is not the cause of the calamity and starts to cry because she knows that she can never see Souseki again. Suddenly, a cat-like eye opens right the middle of the forehead and light shines from the statues to the "portal" and mokona starts to send the group to Shura (later they find that they travelled through time) saying that there was nothing in Shara and sucks Fai and Kurogane first (Syaoran notices) and then Syaoran and Sakura are sent next.

Syaoran and Sakura land in the middle of a war on the moon castle. Then Ashura-ō appears on a mount asking the two "What are you doing here?". Syaoran then wonders if Ashura-ō is the same person as the Ashura statue. She then says "It seems we have yet to settle the issue... with Yasha-ō" as she looks up to a cliff with Yasha-ō, Korugane and Fai all on mounts.

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