The Demon's Gift
Chapter # 52
Chapter Length: 18 Pages
Volume # 8
Release Date: 11/17/2004
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 The Demon's Gift is the 52nd chapter of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles.


The group then starts to assess the truth of the situation. If the demon is a can't speak. But it told the creatures "give me a sacrifice". It has also stayed in the same place for several days, but that's not physically possible either.

Sakura says that she can hear its's crying, and slowly begins to drift toward the sound. This has happened back in Clow Country. The priest said the she "hears things that don't have voices". A strong form of magic begins to form around Sakura and she begins to speak to the tornado.

It says that it cannot move because of some form of great power...because it is looking for that power. Sakura tells it to not be afraid, and asks it to lower its wind a bit. Not only can she just hear the voices of the dead or living beings, voices of loneliness reach her. Sakura's powerful source of power comes from her heart.

They see smoke coming from the creatures village and they rush back thinking that they sacrificed Fai. It turns out that they were showing him ceremonial dance. The ceremony was because Syaoran and the others helped solve their problem. It turned out that the creatures had the feather all along. It fell and they picked it up, and it was around that time that the "demon" appeared. Syaoran gives the feather back to Sakura. The tornado sends down flower petals as a thank you.