The Country of Totems
Chapter # 50
Chapter Length: 29 Pages
Volume # 8
Release Date: 07/07/2004
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The Country of Totems is a Chapter 50 of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.


Sakura wakes up in the new country. They appear to be in some kind of forest. Syaoran comes along and sees that she is awake. Sakura is surprised to see that they transported while she was asleep and feels regretful that she is always sleeping when things get tough. Syaoran reassures her that it is because they have not returned all of her feathers. She is glad to see that everyone is alright, and gives Syaoran a cheery smile.

All of a sudden, the ceiling begins to crumble and Sakura is captured in a net. Syaoran gets knocked out with one of the falling rocks. Meanwhile, Kurogane and Fai are out scouting the new area. Kurogane is grumpy that he never got to finish his fight with Seshirou. The two of them also have a letter from Yuuko, but none of them can read it.

Sakura leads Fai and Kurogane in the direction the creatures took Syaoran in. Mokona sees the smoke from the fire, and they rush to his rescue. Syaoran and his captors are sitting around and eating together. The creatures explain their situation. Demons were coming from the forest and attacking their villages. They said that they would stop their rampage if the creatures gave them "tasty" sacrifices. Syaoran has heard of this tale before, and Fai realizes that the situation is similar to the other encounters with the feathers. The creatures say that Syaoran said that he would help them out, and that the creature might be invisible.

Mokona can sense a feather nearby. Kurogane is excited by the thought of hunting a demon, and Sakura is determined to come along as well. She promises that she won't be a burden and that she will do her best. The creatures tell them that not everyone can go, in case they need a sacrifice. Fai stays behind. The other three head to the sea of trees, where the demon lives.