The Instant of Awakening is the 5th chapter in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.


Syaoran, Fai and Kurogane decide that sitting around in the room won't help them in their quest to find Sakura's feathers, so they decide to go walk around Hanshin. Since they're all from different worlds, the buildings and the people of Hanshin look new, unusual but fascinating to them.

Fai asks Syaoran how he was able to go to the witch's dimension. Syaoran explains that the priest of his country (ie. Yukito) was able to send him and Sakura together with his magic. Fai is amazed since it takes a lot of magical power to be able to send two people. Kurogane mumbles that, in his case, Tomoyo sent him against his will. When Fai mentions that he was able to send himself, he also goes on to explain that it isn't as easy to go back and forth between dimensions and that the only one who could do it is Yuuko, who is the Witch of Dimensions.

Suddenly, a fight between two rival gangs breaks out in the streets of Hanshin. Syaoran gets a bad premonition as he feels his chest heating up, as it did when he awoke from his dream. The gang fight becomes intense, especially when one of the "goggle" gang members summon a powerful kudan. Syaoran sees two boys caught in the crossfire, and dives to protect them, with the mysterious being from his dream summoning itself to help.

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