The End of the Dream is the 48th chapter of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles.


The plot is now back to Chitose, Syaoran, and Fai. Chitose is explains "The power to bring illusions from the "Dream Capsules" into reality... no technology like that exists in Edonisu Country! What method is the interferer(Seshirou) using? If we don't find a way to stop him wont just be Fairy Park. The whole country of Edonisu will be destroyed by these demons!".

Syaoran then runs out of the room telling them that he has to go find Sakura and the others, Fai comes along as well. Syaoran finds them, but everyone is there except for Kurogane. They show him where Kurogane is, and he is about to start his fight with Seshirou. Kurogane asks Seshirou "Are you the person that killed the guy at "Cat's Eye?". Seshirou replies "Yes". Kurogane asks another question "What about the kid?" Seshirou has grin a on his face and says "I killed him as well". Kurogane then replies, "I see, then I will be the one who kills you!".

The two of them begin their fight. They both throw attacks at each other then Seshirou says "I thought I would completely dodge that". Then Kurogane answers "And I thought I would cut you in half". Seshirou reaches into his robe, pulls out his glasses, and tells Kurogane, "It's been a long time since I've had such a good time".

The plot switches back to Syaoran. He is yelling "Ryu-ou!". Ryu-ou and the rest of his gang from Outo, see him and yell Syaoran's name in reply. Then Ryu-ou says "Thank goodness! When we got separated ,I thought that we would never see each other again!". Syaoran answers "Because that world wasn't real you mean?". Syaoran asks about Sakura. Soma tells him "She is asleep, but things don't look as peaceful over there though". The group loks over and sees Kurogane and Seshirou's feirce battle. Syaoran then says "Seshirou! He's serious about this!".

We return to the fierce battle. Kurogane takes a hard blow and then Seshirou says, "Syaoran also had a sword, are you the one who taught him how to use it?". Kurogane replies "I was in the iddle of doing just that". Seshirou continues, "He can respond to attacks from his right even without seeing them. He has good instincts, you must be a good teacher". Kurogane asks "You're the one who taught him basic fighting skills, aren't you? You two move the same way. I couldn't find any worthy opponents in Japan, but meeting someone like you makes it well worth the trouble of traveling between worlds". Seshirou notices the curse on Kurogane. Kurogane tells him that eerytime he kills someone his power fades. Seshirou then asks "And you're fine with that?". Kurogane replies "I can't beat you if I fight half-heartedly, so I intend to kill you". Seshirou says "I have the same intention".

Ourha-san from Clover is an I level kiji, or commands one.

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