The Distant Sunset is the 47th chapter of Tsubasa: Resevoir Chronicle.


The chapter begins with Kurogane fighting some demons. He says "What kind of demons are these?". Then he asks Mokona if he feels any strange presence. Mokona replies "It's getting stronger! Like its expanding!". Suddenly, another demon appears and Kurogane says "This country's demons really don't show any presence at all. What a pain." Then he attacks shouting "Tenma Shou Ryuu Sen!" Once the attack is complete he says "Hmph. this sword isn't bad at all".

Then Yuzuhira Nekoi, Kusanagi Shiyuu, Soma, and Ryu-ou run towards him yelling "Are you alright!?". Yuzuhira asks what happened to "Little Kitty"(Sakura), and Kurogane replies that she fell asleep. Then Ryu-ou asks what happened to "Little Doggie"(Syaoran), he recieves no reply. The area around them starts to become distorted. Kusanagi says "This is getting really strange! What happened to the fairy park?" Ryu-ou realizes what is happening and tells them "If we exit now, we won't be able to tell who is who!". He and Yuzuhira start to shake their arms around and yell at Kurogane asking him what their names are in the real world and if they look the same as they do in the game. "Ouch!", Ryu-ou cut him arm on something, and he notices that he is bleeding. And then he asks himself "why am I bleeding, even though I am in the "Dream Capsule"?". Suddenly, the group begins to evaporate, as if they are being transported somewhere else.

The scene shifts back to Syaoran and Chitose, the creator of the theme park. They are continuing their conversation about what will happen if Syaoran doesn't help them find the interferer(Seshirou) and how the game will end. Syaoran asks her "What do you mean?. Chitose has a regretful face and says "The game isn't safe. For example when you receive an injury inside virtual reality, you do not get any injuries in reality. It's like waking from a dream. But, the interferer appeared. The interferer is controlling the Fairy Park, and the demons by interfereing with the game system. If this goes on, the dream...". She is cut off because Fai suddenly appears in the room. After that Chitose continues "It all may become a reality".

The scene goes back to Kurogane and the rest of the gang from Outo. They have been brought back to Fairy Park, many of the people are running away and hiding. Yuzuhira is shocked and says "This is... Fairy Park!?" Ryu-ou replies "Why did we come back here in the form we had in Outo?" Then, there is a huge growling noise and the whole group yells "Demons!?". Mokona sees a figure resembling and shouts "Over there!". The figure turns out to be Seshirou. Seshirou is riding on a demon and he stares at them all. Then Kurogane says "I see. That's the eye of a murderer". He hands Sakura over to Kusunagi. Soma asks him where he is going. Kurogane replies "That is guy here, but the kid(Syaoran) isn't. Now it's my turn".

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