Parting Beneath the Cherry Trees is the 45th chapter of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.


Syaoran and Kurogane race back to the Cat's Eye Cafe after their talking with Sumomo and Kotoko. The whole inside of the cafe is ruined. Mokona sees them and yells "Kurogane!, Syaoran!". Syaoran asks "What happened here Mokona!?". Mokona tells them "Fai got attacked by demons" "He told me not to leave Sakura's side" "Then there was this sound of demons behind demons around me and Fai wasn't behind me!". Kurogane asks "Was he eaten by the demons?". Mokona replies "I don't know..." "The customer was masked...he was wearing a hood" "He seemed to bring demons with him". Kurogane asks "What kind of man is he?".

Mokona says "Fai asked "Might you be Seshirou-san?" "His eye was white and he was looking for two people" "And um.. He wanted me to pass a message on to Syaoran: "I'll be waiting under the Sakura tree Syaoran". Syaoran tells Kurogane to take care of Princess Sakura". Kurogane asks "Will you be able to win against you friend?". Syaoran replies "No, I probably won't be able to beat him..." "But I have to go". Kurogane says "If you don't get back by the time the sky's bright, I'll take care of him". Syaoran walks out the door. Mokona calls out to him "Syaoran! I sense Sakura's feather!" "It's very strong! But there's something strange!".

The scene moves to Yuzuhira Nekoi, Kusunagi Shiyuu, Souma, and Ryu-ou are fighting demons. Ryu-ou yells "What is this!?Don't all these demons look the same?". Souma replies "They look like they all belong to the same class, the similarities are very strange" "Also, the moon has been out for a while". Yuzuhira says "Wierd things have been happening in Outo recently" "Someone must be interfering with things...". Ryu-ou interrupts "Or maybe they're going to deal with demons that went against the law". Kusunagi says "Maybe it's a question of the country itself". Souma replies "If things go on like this, everyone will have to be evacuated" "We've already faced all kids of danger in this country". Yuzuhira and Ryu-ou both yell "No Way!". Yuzuhira says "Jsut now I became friends with "Little Kitty"(Sakura)!". Ryu-ou says "I still want to fight and chat with "Little Doggy"(Syaoran)!" "If we leave now, we don't know when we'll see each other again!" "That's why this country!.." Syaoran runs past and Ryu-ou says "Little Doggy?".

Syoaran reaches the Sakura tree. Seshirou-san says "Syaoran..I knew you'd come alone". Syaoran asks "Are you the one who ordered the demons to attack Fai-san?". Seshirou replies "That's right". Syoaran asks "What happened to Fai-san?". Seshirou says "He's dead".

Syaoran tells him "I'm on a journey right now because I am looking for something" "Fai-san was traveling with me as well" "We didn't know each other for long, but he helped me a lot" "That's why.. I'm not going to let you leave this place". Seshirou replies "You really haven't changed Syaoran" "But I am not going to lose to you easily" "Also, these demons are born with fighting instinct" "They're very difficult to control" "For example, they'll attack who they're not supposed to attack" "I want to meet the level I-1 demon" "I heard that the strongest demon has the ability to grant immortailty" "Just like a vampire" "They may or may not be the two people I am looking for".

One of the deomns attack Syaoran. Seshirou says "You've become much stronger Syaoran" "Though your strength isn't fully balanced, you can react to attacks on the right" "For the sake of meeting the strongest demon" "I'll have to ask that all demon hunters strong enough to handle this disappear.." "Such as yourself" "I would like to have you die". Seshirou strikes.

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