The Unseen Future is the 43rd chapter in Tsubasa: Reservior Chronicle


The chapter opens up with Xing Huo and Fei Wong Reed in their lair. Xing Huo says "It looks like we have an unforeseen interference". Fei Wong Reed tells her "It must be the doings of the "Witch" "But like us there s a limit to her interference" "Even if the unexpected happens, things still move along the path we paved" "Also, we have "that" on our side".

Syaoran is staring out the window of his bedroom and then there is knock at his door. Sakura comes in to tell him that breakfast is ready. Syaoran says "You could just call me from downstairs". Sakura asks him if he slept at all. He tells her that he slept on one side a bit. Sakura says "But your eyes are red" "You were worried about that person you met the other day... that's why I'm worried about Syaoran-kun".

It then flashbacks to a memory of Syaoran's. Sakura runs toward him and says "Welcome Back!" "How was your trip, what country did you go to?" "Did you see anything interesting?". Syaoran isn't responding so she asks him what's wrong. Sakura then sees that his hand is injured and that it isn't bandaged. She yells at Syaoran for not bandaging his hand up. Sakura also tells him to not hide if he is hurt.

The scene then reverts back to the present. Sakura tells Syaoran if that there is anything she can do, to let her know. Syaoran thinks to himself "Theories aren't important, but they aren't the truth" "But if you think about it and still don't have the answer, you can put a few facts together and come closer to the truth" "Thats what father taught me" "If I can't understand things like Seshirou-san,I'll have to investigate" "Why did that Seshirou-san show up?" "Also, if Seshirou-san has anything to do with the new creature, Sakura's feather could be involved" .

The two of then have finished coming down the stairs, and Fai and Kurogane are waiting for them. The group eats breakfast and decides on what their schedule for the day is. They end up heading to city hall to see if there is any more information on the new demon. The woman at the reception desk tells them that there are no records regarding the "Demon Leader". Syaoran begs her to at least give him some information on where it could be. The woman then tells him that even for high ranked demon hunters, the chance of returning is only 7%. Kurogane then says "That's alright, we finally get to see just how sharp these blades really are".

The demon is located inside the "Dwarf Tower". Syaoran says "Even though the clerk said that the new type of demon does not exist" "It's possible that the demon we mentioned may have been two different things".

The Cat's Eye Cafe had another busy day, and Sakura is helping Fai do the dishes. Fai tells Sakura that she shouldn't work so hard. She replies "I wasn't able to help much during our journey, so I thought that if there was something I could do, I'll give it my best!" "Even though.. I can only.. lower the burden a... ..bit..". Sakura collapses from working too hard. Fai catches her and says "Sakura-chan is a good child" " "I, who doesn't have time to worry about anything else would like to feel happiness too".

Syaoran and Kurogane have finally arrived at the "Dwarf Tower". Syaoran says "I don't feel anything special here" "It's the same as when I ran into a demon blindfolded yesterday, I couldn't feel any living presence" Kurogane cannot sense it either. They both say "What kind of demon is in this world?".

Krogane tells Syaoran "It looks like there are powerful demons inside" "These things are so powerful that hunters need strong weapons to beat them" "Even so you want to go in" Syaoran replies yes, and both of them head inside.

It is pitch black inside the tower and both of them can't see a thing. Kurogane tells Syaoran that this would be a good opportunity to use his training. Kurogane then yells "Watch out!". The demons have begun to attack them. They defeat the demons easily and head upstairs. Syaoran says that he cannot feel any presence in the room they are in. There is water on the floor, but it seems that there is nothing in the room. Then, a demon suddenly begins to attack Syaoran. Kurogane tries to free him, but Syaoran is being pulled quickly.

The scene returns to the Cat's Eye Cafe. Mokona asks Fai how Sakura is doing. Fai replies "She's alright, she's just sleeping". Mokona then asks Fai that "When they were in the country with the great lake" "You said that you can smile and be happy, anyone, even Syaoran won't hate you for that". Fai replies "Yeah, what about it?". Mokona continues, "It's the same for Fai: no one will hate you for that" "Sakura, Syaoran, Kurogane, everyone...".

Fai says "But I'm always happy!". Mokona replies "But you're thinking about other things when you are smiling". Fai tells Mokona that he is quite sharp. Mokona says that its another one of his 108 secret techniques. He continues, "I know everyone is lonely, Fai, Kurogane, Syaoran, we all feel lonely" "But you know, being together in this journey would feel less lonely" "Being with Sakura makes you feel warmer" "Mokona thinks this way". Fai tells Mokona that it would be nice.

Suddenly, the bell rings at the door. Seshirou is at the door. Fai tells Mokona to go stay with Sakura. Fai then asks "What can I do for you?" to Seshirou. Seshirou replies "There are demon hunters here, no?" Fai tells him "That's right they just went out for a bit". Seshirou asks Fai "Aren't you one of them?" Fai says "I just run a cafe".

Seshirou says "But you have magic power, no?". Fai tells him "So do you". Fai asks him why he is looking for Syaoran and Kurogane. Seshirou tells him that he would like them to disappear and begins to attack Fai.

Then it goes back to Kurogane and Syaoran. The demon is till trying to strangle Syaoran.

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