The Unearaseable Memory is the 42nd chapter of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.


The chapter open up at the Cat's Eye Cafe. Yuzuhira Nekoi and Kusunagi Shiyuu are there waiting for Syaoran and Ryu-ou to return. Both of them run through the door and Fai and Kurogane ask what's wrong? Ryuu then tells them that they saw the new kiji(demon, oni). Yuzuhira asks if they fought with it. Ryuu says "No, there were too many kijis we ran for it..". "But...that guy is...super powerful!". Syaoran thinks to himself "Why? Would the Seshirou-san that I've met in the Country of Clow appear in this other world?" "He's not just someone that looks like Seshirou-san. He called me by name." "Seshirou-san...".

The scene then reverts to an old memory of Syaoran's, he is being chased through the streets: Two men are chasing him "Brat Stop!" "Put that thing down!". Syaoran yells back to them "I just bought it from the shop with my money!" One of the men tells him "I don't care!" "We are looking for it too!" "Hand it over now!" Syaoran thinks to himself "This is the thing that dad has been looking for!" "I finally got it!" He yells back to the men "This is for my dad!"

One of the men catches up to him, and he barely escapes. The man begins to yell at him "Stop waisting my time!" "Give me the book!" "You stubborn brat!" "Let go!"

Then Seshirou comes to the rescue! After Seshirou gets rid of the men Syaoran thanks him. Seshirou says "No need to thank me, that book is useful to me as well". "I don't want to steal the book from you, I just want to to confirm something the book says". "This book has information on the people that drink blood to survive". Syaoran tells him that he heard about vampires from a different book his dad used to read him, but its just a story.

Seshirou says "Vampires do exist, I'm searching for two of them". Syaoran eventually lets him look at the book because he believes that what Seshirou said about searching for the vampires is true. The book is written in foreign language. Syaoran asks Seshirou where he is from and he says that he is from a faraway place. Seshirou tells Syaoran that his right eye is artificial and that his profession is to catch vampires.

Syaoran tells Seshirou that he will translate the book for him if he teaches him how to fight. Then they both introduce themselves. The scene then reverts back to Syaoran in the present. He is still thinking to himself "It was a long time ago since I first me Seshirou-san" "Why didn't he age a bit?" "Why!?, Is that person really the Seshirou-san from a long time ago? "If thats true then why is he with the kijis?"

The scene then goes to Sakura asking Syaoran what's wrong. Syaoran tells her "The person who was with those kijis might be someone I know..." "That person is the one who taught me how to fight".


  • RG Veda: Ryu-ou, Souma
  • X/1999: Seishirou, Kusanagi Shiyuu, Yuzuhira Nekoi

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