Eternal Friend is the 41st chapter of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.


The chapter opens with Fai and Sakura out grocery shopping. Fai's leg is still hurt from the night before, so Sakura has to carry them herself. Fai is worried about her dropping the bags, but Sakura is determined that she can do it herself.

Then a boy starts shouting "Extra, Extra!" and throws flyers into the air. Sakura and Fai do not understand what it says, but from the talk of the crowd around them, demons(kanji) are attacking civilians! The demons have become more powerful as well, so Fai decides they should be careful from then on. They then decide to go back to the cafe to prepare something for Syaoran and Kurogane when the two return from training.

Syaoran continues his training by dodging rocks that Kurogane throws at him. Kurogane then discovers that Syaoran's reaction from his left and right are unbalanced, or reversed. Syaoran's reaction time is slower coming from his left. As an exercise, Kurogane tests Syaoran by asking him to put a blinfold on and stay blindfolded until he reaches the cafe. The reason Kurogane wants him to do this, is so that he can learn to detect motion equally on both sides.

Along the way Syaoran learns to sense living things and non-living things. He bumps into Ryu-ou and decides to talk to him for a bit. He learns that Ryu-ou uses his sword because with a sword you can feel the strength of who you are battling against. Finding more powerful opponents helps him become stronger. Then Syaoran tells him that there is something that he needs to get back and learning how to use a sword will help him get stronger as well. Ryu-ou then tells him to never give up.

Back at the "Cat's Eye" cafe, Fai and Sakura have another busy night. Kurogane enters alone with flour and Fai thanks him for getting it. Sakura asks Kurogane where Syaoran is and he says that he is still practicing. Kurogane then tells Fai that he went to "Clover" to go find out some more about the new demon story. The new demon is actually in the form of a human and uses other demons to attack demon hunters.

The scene moves back to Ryu-oh and Syaoran. A "Ha" demon is attacking and the hunters there wonder why it is so strong. They cannot kill it no matter how many times they hit it. The demon continues to attack and even the most powerful demon hunters cannot stop it.

Then multple demons begin to appear and Seshirou-san emerges from them and says "Long time no see, Syaoran-kun". Then Syaoran wonders why he is in this world. The demons keep attacking and they end up having to flee from battle. Ryu-ou then says "So that's the new rumored demon!". The chapter ends with Syaoran saying "Why is Seshirou-san...!?"


  • RG Veda: Ryu-ou, Vayu, Varna
  • X/1999: Seishirou

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