A New Strength is the 39th chapter of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.

Plot Edit

The kiji grabs Syaoran by the leg, Ryu-ou comes to his rescue. He tells him that this kiji is too strong to fight with just strength alone, he needs a weapon.

Ryu-ou, Sihyuu, and Souma work together to get rid of the kiji. None of them were terribly injured, and thankfully Syaoran's wound was not deep. Something about the whole battle and atmosphere was off.

They all safely return to the cafe. Kurogane and Fai return from Clover. Kurogane is shocked to see Souma, thinking that she is the one that works for Princess Tomoyo. He forgot that the people they meet might look the same, but they are indeed from different dimensions with different lives.

Kurogane and Fai brought back a lot of alcohol from the bar. The group drinks together and they have a good time. Sakura and Fai accidentally go overboard. They both start meowing, and tell the group that the name of the cafe will be Cat's Eye.

Syaoran is outside with Kurogane. Syoaran tells him that there are kiji that cannot be defeated without a weapon. He wants Kurogane to teach him how to use a sword.


  • RG Veda: Ryu-ou, Souma
  • X/1999: Kusanagi Shiyuu, Yuzuhira Nekoi

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