The Look of Happiness is the 38th chapter of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles.

Plot Edit

Syaoran's leg is feeling better. Fai is back at Clover hoping to gather some new information. The bartender, Caldina, agrees to tell him about a new and highly dangerous type of kiji, but only after the bar performer, Oruha-san finishes her song. She then tells them about the time she encountered a kiji.

The kiji that she encountered was in the form of a human being. Back at the cafe, Syaoran and Sakura are having a good time with Ryu-ou and Yuzuriha. Yuzuriha begins to form a stronger friendship with Sakura, and Ryu-ou with Syaoran. He and Syaoran both want to become stronger.

More kijis begin to appear. Souma, Ryu-ou, Shiyuu, Yuzuhira, and Syaoran rush out of the cafe. The kiji they encounter turn out to be a level 4. The kijij begins to morph and dodge their attacks, but level 4s should not have this ability. The monster morphs into a fairly large, human-like form.


  • Clover: Oruha/Ora
  • Magic Knight Rayearth: Caldina/Gardina
  • RG Veda: Ryu-ou, Souma
  • X/1999: Kusanagi Shiyuu, Yuzuhira Nekoi

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