The Space Between Life and Death
Ch 037
Chapter # 37
Chapter Length: 19 Pages
Volume # 6
Release Date: 03/10/2004
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The Space Between Life and Death is the 37th chapter of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.


Kurogane is destroying as many kiji on the street as he can, but Fay is only evading them in his usual graceful manner. Fai is also teasing Kurogane, but is caught off-guard by a kiji and hit with a full-on blast. Kurogane uses his "Earth Dragon circular attack dance" sword technique and takes out all the kiji, but during the process his cheap sword is destroyed. Fai cheers Kurogane on from the rumble; he has hurt his leg. Kurogane says if anyone tries to kill him, he'll kill them. And if there's something he's protecting and a thief comes to steal it, he kills them. Kurogane has killed more people than he can count. But the people Kurogane hates most are people who have lives to live but don't make the effort to live them. Fay admits he's among those people Kurogane hates most. But in the midst of their fighting, Kurogane and Fay arrived at their destination, the bar "Clover".

Back at the cafe, Syaoran has managed to dodge all of Ryuou's attacks. Just as Ryuou is about to use a sword technique, Shiyu Kusanagi stops him, scolding him for messing up the cafe. Souma apologizes for not being able to stop Ryuou, but it turns out Shiyu was the one who let slip the cafe had good fighters.

All seems well at the cafe again. Ryuou helps clean up what he messed up. He compliments Syaoran on his fighting ability, but mentions he's slow to react to things on his right side. But despite that, Syaoran is amazingly fast. Ryuou tells Syaoran to cut the polite talk, as it doesn't matter who's older in the country of Outo. Ryuou wants to fight with Syaoran again, saying "It's nice to meet you, Little Puppy!"

The conversation in the cafe between the kiji hunters, Mokona, and Sakura steers to the new type of kiji, and a dark figure in a long cloak, standing on a powerline outside the cafe murmurs, "Syaoran..."


  • Magic Knight Rayearth: Caldina/Gardina
  • RG Veda: Ryu-ou, Souma
  • X/1999: Kusanagi Shiyuu, Yuzuhira Nekoi