Price Paid Cannot be Returned is the 35th chapter of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles.

Plot Edit

Syoaran and Kurogane meet two kiji hunters: a female, Nekoi Yuzuriha, and a male, Shiyuu Kasanagi. Yuzuriha notices that they are the two new kiji hunters.

The four of them return to the cafe. Kurogane is mad because Fai gave him and Sayoran the pseudonyms of "Big Doggie" and "Little Doggie". He and Sakura are "Big Kitty" and "Little Kitty" (oh Fai). Fai offers Yuzuriha and Kasanagi some food to try before the cafe opening tomorrow. They then decide to let the other kiji hunters know about the cafe. Yuzuriha even gives Kurogane and Syaoran lessons on the different levels/classes of kiji.

Her wolf familiar then senses the presence of another kiji and they rush out to go and find it. After they leave, Syaoran asks Mokona if he can sense the a feather anywhere. He can, but the signal is very weak, and he cannot pinpoint the location.

It then flashbacks to the time when Sakura first lost her memories. She would apologize to Syaoran constantly for not being able to remember anything. She wanted to know if they knew each other when they were young, where they first met, and that would mean that she was a special person to him.

She faints. Yuuko tells Kurogane and Fai that each time Sakura is told what happened to her and Syaoran, it will be erased from her memory. This was the price Syaoran had to pay for wanting to return Sakura's memories. She will never remember their relationship, their love. Even so, Syaoran is determined to retrieve all of her feathers


  • X/1999: Kusanagi Shiyuu, Yuzuhira Nekoi, Inuki

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