The Country of Sakura is the 34th chapter of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles.


A demon has just attacked the group!


The demon begins to attack them. Fai says "Wow! We just moved in and there's already an unexpected guest" " We didn't invite you to come here you know". Syaoran begins to attack the demon and defeats it with one powerful kick. Fai congratulates him and says " A reception team full of cute girls, and a beautiful home for us..." " I thought this was a friendly country, but I guess it's pretty dangerous too!"

The demon then disappears and they all agree that this new country could be dangerous. The group then heads to the town hall. Syaoran walks over to one of the receptionists. She says that they were quite active last night and have earned a reward. Syaoran learns from her that the demon or monster they defeated is called a "kiji" ( a made up term made by the CLAMP writers meaning ghost child).

These monsters normally appear at night. but some are around during the day. Their power is affected by the phases of the moon. Syaoran and the gang become "kiji hunters". This new job will allow them to earn money and new information quickly.

They then head back to the place they are staying and tell Kurogane about the job. He is worried about Syaoran because he cannot see out of his right eye. Kurogane noticed that when the Kiji attack him former the right side, his reaction time was a bit slower.

Syaoran remembers when he was younger and got his hand injured while he was returning from a trip with his father. Sakura came running towards the house with her cheerfulness and welcomed them back with a huge smile. He tells her that he burned his hand while they were working because he cannot tell whether something is near or far. Sakura tells him that if they are together she will be able to watch out for him. Syaoran then apologizes for making her worry.

He wakes up from his dream. Fair tells him that he and Kurogane used the money from the kiji to buy some clothes and food. He also tells him about his plan for opening a cafe, which will also be another great way to gather information. He and Sakura will run everything. Fai even has a waitress outfit for Sakura to wear.

Syaoran and Kurogane continue their kiji hunting work. Kurogane notices that Syaoran uses kicks to fight instead of his hands. Syaoran says that it helps him confuse the distance less, and is less likely to miss. He was taught this from someone when he was small. And the end of their fight, they meet two other kiji hunters.


Directly crosses over with chapter 22 of xxxHolic. Yuko sends a plate of chocolate fondant through Soel (black Mokona) as a Valentine's gift for her three favorite male travellers. They receive it through Larg (white Mokona) as they're preparing the cafe.

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