The Night of the Storm is Chapter 33 of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles.


The chapter opens back in Clow Country. A sandstorm is beginning, as Yukito runs to King Touya's room and says, "You shouldn't get up Your Majesty!". The king says that if he sleeps any longer, he won't be able to open his eyes anymore. Then he tells Yukito to call him Touya and asks him if the ruins would be surrounded by another sandstorm. Yukito says that the sandstorms come and go with no explanation, but they happen frequently around the area with the ruins. He continues to say that its like the ruins are trying to protect what is inside them and that Fei Wong Reed's men are there to do the same.

Touya believes that those men came from a dimension different from theirs, an alternate world. He continues to say that Sakura and the "brat" (Syaoran) must be somewhere in that alternate world. He understands that their destenies are intertwined. Then he asks Yukito if he remebers the first time they met Syaoran.

When they first met him Sakura was teaching him how to make a flower crown. Touya was in a bad mood because he saw how happy Sakura was. Touya admits that it wasn't just that, he could feel that something was off. After Sakura got along better with Syaoran and he smiled more often, the bad feeling he had about him faded away. Back then, Yukito was a candidate for the priest of the ruins, the priest is "someone who protects". Touya was the heir to the throne, the king is "someone who fights" for the country. Touya says that Yukito did not notice, but he did. He noticed that Syaoran gave him the feeling that he didn't fit in.

That right after he met Syaoran he went straight to his father to raise his concerns about him. After Touya told him, the king just smiled and said "Let us believe in the future". Then he looked at the ruins with his gentle expression.

The story then reverts to Mokona dropping Syaoran and the others in a new dimension. They are then greeted by some women to "Outo Country". Outo translates to Sakura Capital in English. Fai says "Wow there are so many cute girls! Let's go!". The women then tell them that their clothes are from another world, and ask if they are from a different world. Syaoran asks them if there are other people in this country that came from different worlds too. One of the women says "Of course, many people come from other worlds to visit our world". Then she asks them if they have registered yet. Syoaran is very confused, but the women take them to the city hall to get registered.

When they reach the City Hall they are asked to fill in their names. They are also told that they can use a pseudonym (fake name, nickname). Fai then fills in everyone's names himself. The woman at the desk then asks him what job he would like to do. Fai asks if travelers have to do work as well. She tells him that it does not matter whether they are travelers or not because they won't earn any money, and if they don't have any money they can't do anything. The woman asks him if they have found a place to stay at yet. Syaoran then asks her what this country's currency is. She tells him that the currency is called "En". Fai tells her that they don't have any money. The woman tells them that they can exchange any items they have for money.

Night comes and the gang has found a place to stay. They sold the clothes they wore in Jade and Koryo Country. Syaoran tells the group that some countries treat clothes from other countries as treasures. Fai then asks him if he learned that from his father and Syaoran says yes. Kurogane then asks "Is it alright to be this relaxed?" "Maybe someone is spying on us right now". Fai tells him that he can't be that tense every minute of the day. Kurogane yells at him "You are way too relaxed!".

Mokona tells them all that there is a feather in this world, but the sense is very faint. Then a demon attacks them!

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