The Never-Ending Legend is the 32nd chapter of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles.


The children rush towards their parents who had desperately and anxiously waited for their return. The worried parents ask them if they're alright, while Fai notes that Kyle hadn't hurt them, but he needed them to do his work, so he wouldn't have hurt them, Kurogane replies. He had only hypnotized them.

What about Princess Emeraude? Was Sakura also hypnotized? Probably not. What she had seen was the ghost of the Princess. She's been able to do this since she was a child, seeing the ghosts of people who had passed away. Fai asks Syaoran if everyone in Clow has this ability, but he says only Sakura and the Priest do.

So what about Syaoran, Kurogane, Fai, or Mokona? None of them have that ability, though Black Mokona (Larg) is capable of seeing ghosts. To this, Kurogane replies that Mokona is so useless. While the two fight, Syaoran glances at the window to see the kids reunited with their parents, and Grossum.

An angry parent yells at him asking him why he didn't tell them about the situation earlier. But he replies he wouldn't have found the children without help, and looks at the window.

Kurogane and Mokona keep fighting until Mokona notices that Sakura had awoke. She looks tired, but still continues to remember Emeraude's words, that someone had been spying on them.

Though it's strange that the group said they are novelists and have such power, Grossum doesn't mind and wants to thank them properly. Once they had climbed the stairs to get to their room, they are gone. They left a note behind, thanking Grossum for the book and talking about Princess Emeraude.

"300 years ago, Princess Emeraude didn't kidnap those children. She was protecting them from a contagious disease that only infected children..."

What happened to the children then? They recovered and returned to their parents' side. And it also says "please pass down the right version of Princess Emeraude's legend".

The group had returned to the river, in search of Princess Emeraude's ghost. No wonder she isn't there, what worried her is no longer. She finally rests in peace. But what does it mean, that someone had been spying on them? or how is it possible that Kyle had known about the feather?

The book had not said anything about where the feather was placed after Emeraude's death. It means, the reason for all their trouble in their journey is that someone is definetely interfering with them.

Far from them, someone is peeking from the distance, saying the doctor has failed. A sign back from him, is the same bat symbol from the person who stole Sakura's memories.

The feather has returned to Sakura, but he'll keep trying to achieve what it is that he desires.

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