Two Princesses is Chapter 28 of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles.


Opening the door to Sakura's room, Fai is startled to find that she is missing. As Syaoran shockingly peers into the room, a militiaman shouts at the three men, informing them that seven more children went missing. Kyle urges him to calm down, as they did not leave the inn during the night. Syaoran informs them that Sakura has gone missing, too. The militiaman assumes that Sakura might have something to do with the kidnappings and raises his weapon to Syaoran. In disgust, Syaoran kicks the weapon from his hand. Kurogane picks up the gun, slams the man on the floor, and nudges the gun to his head. Syaoran then tells him that they have nothing to do with the disappearances and that they'll help to find the truth.

They begin to examine Sakura's room, seeing that her window was left open. Mokona has been unable to sense anything since they entered the world and the group has no leads. Kyle decides he will go check up on the remaining children, and the rest of the group heads outside. There they meet the militiaman. Syaoran asks him about Mr. Glosum and the crop failure. The militiaman informs him that it is very difficult to earn a living in the town, and that had it not been for Kyle negotiations with Mr. Glosum, the people might have had to leave. Fai reasons that, because people aren't earning much, Mr. Glosum must not be making much money either. The group, with the addition of the militiamen, begin to follow the footsteps that lead into the forest. Finding no clues, they decide the only logical place left to look is inside the castle.

Sakura awakens in a dark chamber. To her surprise, a chain is latched to her ankle. Before her hangs a portrait of the golden-haired princess. She rises and walks to the chamber's door. Peering between the barred window, Sakura can see dozens of children turning down a hall, including a long-haired girl dragging along a toy kitten.

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