Epilogue: A World to Return To
Chapter # 233
Chapter Length: 42 Pages
Volume # 28
Release Date: Oct 4, 2009
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Epilogue: A World to Return To is an extra chapter (233rd) of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.


Syaoran arrives to his house in Clow Country, mirroring the actions of the Clone in the first chapter. He holds a photograph.

Fai and Kurogane are outside, touring the city. Fai bothers Kurogane about not wanting to stay in the castle, but he replies, saying it only bores him to do so. Fai asks Kurogane if Syaoran didn't just do the same thing, and he says he did, he went to his old house. It would appear longer for him though. The photo shows an empty seat, with little Syaoran next to it.

Princess Sakura awakes and Mokona mentions she had a dream. Kurogane tells Fai that they (the clones) dissapeared, to which Fai replies that at least their bodies did. Sakura leaves her room and a voice calls her – it's her brother Touya, who is next to Yukito. He asks her if she's going out, and she tells him yes. This time he doesn't stop her, because he feels she has gone under a lot of pain and if there's something she wants to do, she will let her this time.

Fai and Kurogane keep talking about the clones, saying that the feathers would be their memories, or more accurate to call them their souls. So in a way, the clones returned to the original selves. But both Sakura and Syaoran don't see it that way.

Sakura goes to Syaoran's house, and asks him to come with her to "a special place".

Fai and Kurogane talk about how Syaoran isn't happy about what's happened, and how even after the world has gone back to normal, some things will never be restored, meaning Syaoran and Watanuki. Their parents ceased to exist, while they do not. Now we see the photograph, which would show Syaoran next to his parents.

Both are disconected from the world. Unlike Sakura, who had her own parents. If it were the same with her, he would have chosen a different price.

King Fujitaka and Queen Nadeshiko meet, while she tells her husband that Sakura had a dream, of what is to come.

Sakura and Syaoran arrive to the hills where their clones met. Then Syaoran tells her that he chose to continue the journey as a price for leaving the void.

Fai continues, saying that both Syaoran and Watanuki's existence are a paradox, and the effects of that aren't yet known. In order to avoid them, Syaoran chose to never stay in one place, while Watanuki chose to stay only in one place (the Shop). Kurogane wonders why must they continue to pay a price even he (Fai Wang) is gone. He doesn't understand why he broke... to which Fai replies that he too, must have been a created existence. Not a person but a strong thought (refering to Clow's wish, which would mean his sole thought created him). He's gone, and Kurogane says it's fine as long as they're not hurt anymore. Mokona finds them and Kurogane asks about the Princess. She says that Sakura had a dream and went to find Syaoran. So it's time for them to make their decision too.

Syaoran tells Sakura that he wishes to see his other self again, and he's still alive. He can't bring dead back to life, but he could grant the souls a new body. He remembers the promise they did, to live in a world where they can all exist. So that's why he'll continue the journey, and when the time comes he will ask his other self to decide.

Sakura says she wishes the same thing, but she's dreamed she will only cause him more pain if she goes with him, so she decides to stay. With tears in her eyes she says she wants to tell him something – but is cut short when Syaoran hugs her and tells her "Sakura, I love you". She replies, "I love you too".

Kurogane, Fai and Mokona arrive at the scene, interrumpting Sakura and Syaoran. Fai says that Kurogane is a spoiler, but he says Fai was using magic in order to keep them quiet and listen. Anyway, Fai volunteers to go with Syaoran in his new journey. And so does Kurogane, saying that Tomoyo will wait for him. Mokona also volunteers saying they can't cross dimensions without her. She shows Syaoran the earring from Larg which contains the memories of people, and most important of Clone Sakura which will lead them back to Clow Country. Also Watanuki's memories which will lead them back to Yuko's Shop.

Now we see all those that they've met during the journey, as Mokona says they're eager to see Syaoran and the others again.

With new clothes, the group is ready to leave Clow again. Sakura prays for them and their return. Fai and Kurogane say goodbye, afterwards Sakura and Syaoran stop to reveal their true names to each other. They are the same, "Tsubasa".

Sakura glances at the sky one last time, saying they will meet again, absolutely.