The World of Beginnings
Ch 232-0
Chapter # 232
Chapter Length: 19 Pages
Volume # 28
Release Date: Oct 4, 2009
Previous: Chapter 231, The Time-Space Void

Next: Chapter 233, Epilogue: A World to Return To

The World of Beginnings is the 232nd chapter in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.


"All of this is my precious memories with you".


"Pay the price", Fei Wong's voice recalls, as the void continues to crumble. A black miasma grabs Syaoran and Watanuki, who tells Syaoran that he won't let them out unless they pay the price. While grabbing the feather of his father, he says he's willing to give anything as a price, but Watanuki is quick to stop him since, if he doesn't balance the price, it will only cause him harm.

If only Yuko was there, she would be able to help with these prices. But since they are one and the same, they might be able to make appropriate judgments about those. It has to be important to Syaoran, otherwise, it's useless, Watanuki tells him. Syaoran refuses to give up what is truly important to him...

As they hold hands, both of them agree on their final prices... as the void continues to crack, both glancing at each other, their final decision has been made. Watanuki thanks Syaoran for bringing him existence.

A blinding light shines across the void, for at last, they have escaped it.

Syaoran is back at the Ruins, where Sakura, Fai, Kurogane and Mokona had been waiting for him to return. Sakura looks terrified, tears rolling down her eyes. Syaoran looks in shock, as Sakura tells him that her clone has disappeared, but knowing that this would happen and that he'd return safely... But as long as they both remain, and so their memories, it won't be the end...

They are holding hands as the feathers suddenly fly and are absorbed by them. They are knocked to the ground unconscious, as Fai and Kurogane catch them before they hit the ground. Kurogane punches Syaoran, worn off as Sakura is, sleeps for the meantime.

One last scene where it's shown the landscape of Clow Country and a rising sun, and the series officially end.

"Praying for their happiness, a clear and brilliant sunshine... This journey of dreams has reached its conclusion".