A Circle Without End
Chapter # 223
Chapter Length: 13 Pages
Volume # 28
Release Date: Aug 8, 2009
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A Circle Without End is the 224th chapter in Tsubasa: Reservior Chronicles.


Sakura and Syaoran having finished their hug and little Syoaran has started his martial arts training. Then his mother asks him to go and pick some herbs for tea. Then he thanks his dad for the training and runs off. Syaoran Li wonders if he will get to train with his son tomorrow. Then Sakura tells him that she had a dream. The dream was of things that are to come in the future. Sakura then tells him the fact that the clone that he was modeled after is his son in the present should not be possible. She continues to say that if Syaoran grows up, travels across the dimensions, and visits Clow Country just so that they can be created again, then the world will just repeat itself like "A Circle Without End".

The dream that she had was the one moment that did not exist among all the things that they had experienced together. Sakura then wonders if that with be the way out of the endless circle. That was how she had dreamt it, that the two of them would go their separate ways, never to see each other again. It did not matter how long they would wait, or what dimensions they traveled to.

Syaoran then says that their son's fate is terrible, the fact that he has to make such a along and painful journey, and all that awaits him at the end is to be parted with Princess Sakura. He does not want their son and not even "his own self" to go through that. He then asks Sakura if it was really Princess Sakura and their son she saw in her dream. Sakura says yes. She then says that even if they were the ones to be separated that would not have changed the future because they too are also "Syaoran" and "Sakura".

Sakura's dream did not end there. She says she also dreamed that she met with another version of themselves from another world. The alternate version of herself - Sakura Kinomoto- hands over the "Star Wand" and says: "Take this, this is a very precious thing to you isn't it?" "Even without the staff the cards will still be right here with me, I believe in them" "So you too should believe because no matter how your life may have begun, you still are you" "Your happiness is the happiness of the people who are precious to you, so always believe in yourself and the people you love" "That everyone will be alright for sure!"