Days of Happiness
Chapter # 223
Chapter Length: 16 Pages
Volume # 28
Release Date: Jun 17, 2009
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Days of Happiness is the 223rd chapter in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles.


As Sakura's friends look on in shock, Syaoran and Sakura hug each other, finally reunited in Hong Kong after fourteen long years.

An unspecified amount of time goes by; during which the grown up pair eventually get married, and are apparently residing at the Li mansion. They are now parents having just had a child together, a son. It is hinted in their conversation that Sakura experienced difficulties in childbirth, as she apologies to her husband for worrying him, but also reassures him that both she and the baby are okay.

The newborn is alike to Syaoran in appearance, though it's natural since the child is not only his son but also himself, i.e. the original "Syaoran". Sakura comments on how it makes sense the words of Yuko saying that they would meet their other selves again, and advance towards "that moment". Syaoran hugs her and the baby, swearing that he will protect them both.

Another 7 years pass by, at the same time when "Syaoran" was sent to Clow Country in the first place. Syaoran hugs his mother, who tells him she feels so lucky to have him as a son. Syaoran's father promised to teach him about martial arts and magic, he is now ready to pass on the jian sword.


  • "Days of Happiness" becomes the most unexpected plot twist to be added into the story. It is very controversial as well, due to the different reactions of the fans; both loved and hated.